Saturday, March 5, 2011

Magi? Gokaiger Episode 3

I know, it's late.

Great episode. We got to see Kai again, and he turned into a total badass! "A wizard who lost his powers."

So, the Gokaigers have finally found their mysterious man in black. While the Gokaigirls and Blue are separated from the rest and have to battle some minions, Marvelous and Doc (I'm calling him by his nickname) meet Kai, who challenges them to catch him without transforming. If they win, he will give them the treasure: the full potential of the Magiranger's power.

This is a problem for Doc especially, whose weakness is thinking on the spot, which causes him to get nervous. Marvelous is badass, with his grin, as he chases after Kai. Whereas Doc panics. Eventually, Doc is able to think on the spot and finds his courage.

He then realizes that Kai was a past sentai warrior.

Meanwhile, Joe, Luka, and Ahim are facing off against the monster of the week, Action Commander Salamandam, the Sugormin and the Gormin. Luka says, "Let's try something different," and they transform into Black Sentai Warriors: Joe as Abareblack, Luka as NinjaBlack, and Ahim as Go-onBlack and defeat the Sugormin and Gormin. They then transform into white warriors:  Joe into Big One, Luka into GaoWhite, and Ahim into White Swan. They manage to land some solid hits against Salamandam, who then flees during battle.

The Gokaigers meet up, and proceed to defeat Salamandam. They transform into the Magirangers and unlock their full powers on their Magiranger cellphones. "We get their powers by mail?" asks Ahim. They then use the Magirangers true powers to defeat Salamandam. Then Insarn, the Zangyack sexy female mad scientist revives and enlarges him and a few Sugormin. The Gokaigers form Gokaioh. The Sugormin reveal that they have another power, they can transform into jet fighters. Gokaioh doesn't stand a chance, until they use the Magiranger keys to transform into Magi Gokaioh.

Using this new power, they are able to fly and defeat the Sugormin and the Action Commander. Kai realizes the power is in the right hands, and Doc has started to find his courage.

The fights in this episode were amazing, and it was great to see Kai again. Kai has matured so much. I doubt Doc is immediately going to be courageous in the next episode, but this was the start for him to gain more confidence in his ability and grow as a fighter. I loved Luka's performance as NinjaBlack, one of my favorites, and Ahim's performance as White Swan. I like MagiGokaioh, but is it just me, or does it remind you of Alien? Oh my god, there's a giant dragon in my chest! Finally, I love the pun "Magi" which means "really?". Both Kai and Marvelous use it. "Magi?" The next episode, which I'm going to watch on Keyhole in less than 30 minutes, finally focuses on the mysterious Joe. I like him, but some people don't. I think that's because he's kind of a mystery and hasn't done much except kick ass and look cool. This episode is purposely here to shine a light on his character. Hopefully people will like him after this. A promo picture shows him handling almost all of the Gokaisabres. How cool is that?

Also, Ban, Jasmine, and Doggie will be appearing next week. Jasmine's a fan favorite, so pretty much everyone's psyched. Jan will be appearing in the episode two weeks after the Dekaranger episode, and in the week before that, I'm hoping Hiroshi Miyauchi appears as the millionaire who holds a treasure that Luka is looking for. Luka finally turns into Big One, another one of my favorite Sentai warriors! Hiroshi Miyauchi is one of my favorite tokusatsu actors (Goranger, JAKQ, Kamen Rider V3, and Zubat to name a few of his work) and it's highly likely that even if he doesn't appear in this episode, he will definitely appear in the series.

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