Friday, March 25, 2011

My Dad on the Legend War

When I was a kid, my dad watched the Power Rangers Movie with me. He didn't have to. He will still quote our favorite line from it: But, I'm a frog?

When I was a teenager and flipping through channels, I came upon SPD, and my dad walked in and saw Doggie and said, "Is that George Clooney?"

But gradually, I fell in love the original material: sentai. I wanted to let my dad know that my "giant robot shows" (the phrase I use around my parents) weren't power rangers, essentially.

I didn't want my dad to think I was going to end up like my little sister, who is obsessed with anime, whereas I'm more into Japan in general. (The only anime I like is Crayon Shin-chan.)

I couldn't help but rave about the upcoming Gokaiger to my dad! He was like "uh-uh, yeah." That was the same thing I'd say to him when he would talk about one of the books he was reading. So I decided to send him a clip of the Legend War. I mean, you guys have seen it, right, it was awesome. So many suit actors, beautifully choreographed, teams fighting together.

This was his response:

"So, did these dudes just implode the earth to destroy the bad guys??
Also, I thought I saw Waldo in the crowd !!"

I later talked to him on the phone. He thought it was great. He asked me about that "bug-eyed guy" "their leader." I'm like, "Yeah dad, that's the original red ranger." (My dad was referring to akaranger). "He freaks me out," said my dad.

I just thought his response was funny.

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