Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I'm so Excited, I just Can't Hide it: Returning Heroes in Gokaiger 199 Hero Battle

Today we've been getting a lot of news about the upcoming Gokaiger Movie. We know that the Goseigers, Daigorou/DenjiBlue, Ryuu/Ryuuranger, Umeko/DekaPink, Satoru/Boukenred, Saki/Go-on Yellow, Chiaki/ShinkenGreen, and Genta/ShinkenGold are going to appear. This was posted on jefusion, a wonderful website.

We see Naoya Makoto returning as Kaijou/Akaranger, Hiroshi Miyauchi returning as Banba/Big One, Junichi Haruta returning as Kanpei/Goggle Black, Sayoko Hagiwara returning as Rei/Dynapink, Ryosuke Sakamoto returning as Shirou/Red One, and Kenta Satou returning as Riki/Turbored.

Okay how do I put this, I was pleasantly unsurprised. I knew that these guys were going to make an appearance in Gokaiger sooner or later. Why? Because they love tokusatsu, and they enjoyed their time on the series. I was pleasantly unsurprised because they are all great actors that I hoped would be returning. I love these guys!

So here's my tally of actors returning by color, excluding the Goseigers.

Five Reds for Marvelous. (Akaranger, Red One, Turbored, RyuuRanger, BoukenRed)

One Blue for Joe. (DenjiBlue)

Two Yellows for Luka. (Go-on Yellow and Big One--Luka is Big One whenever the Gokaigers become JAKQ)

Two Greens/Black for Don. (Goggle Black, ShinkenGreen)

Two Pinks for Ahim. (DynaPink, DekaPink)

They all will be civillians, and living normal (or above normal, when you think about it) lives and may or may not interact with the Gokaigers.

Some of these guys have been in different series with each other. Can you imagine them breaking the fourth wall. Kaijou to Banba: Akira, since when did stop being a cowboy and you became a cyborg? Rei to Kanpei: Do I know you? Saki to Kanpei and Umeko: This is going to sound weird, but weren't you guys engines or something? What would really be great is if one of the actors from Flashman appeared (probably Touta Tarumi or Kihachiro Uemura--Jin/RedFlash, Dai/GreenFlash because they both enjoyed their roles and are involved with reunions as well, along with the other people appearing) and accidently attacked Rei because Sayoko played Ley Nefel, the main female villain on the show. And then they're like "whoops! You wanna go out for coffee some time?" (Sayoko is and always will be gorgeous) What's even more interesting is that Rei was an accomplished fencer and wielded a fencing sword even in her civilian form in Dynaman, and Ley Nefel wielded a fencing sword as well, so that would definitely cause some confusion.

I am so psyched. I wish I lived in Japan so I could see this movie in theaters! They need another blue for Joe, though. Hmm... Aoranger and Big One on a Green Screen? It's like the parent trap, only with two 60-something Japanese men (and pretty handsome for 60 lol). Zubat should appear too. (Is it just me, or does Hiroshi Miyauchi wish he was a cowboy?)

What do you guys think of these new movie guest stars? Comment!

Monday, April 25, 2011

How I Got Into Sentai

Every blogger likes to write about how they got into sentai, so here's my story.

I admit it, as a child, I liked PR, I even had a Kimberly Barbie Doll (sadly, she lost her ranger uniform, so she only has her civilian clothes). I saw the movie, but I never really saw the series, and I had no idea who the original red, black, and yellow were.

My Junior year of high school, I was in an advanced theatre performance class where we had to do a thirty minute one person one act as our final projects. I played a variety of characters in mine, which was basically the main character's video diary, including the main character's friend, who did a monologue about how lost childhood innocence was similar to the loss of PR. One of the lines was, "I was flipping channels and I saw Mystic Force! Come on, Mystic Force!"

I got a lot of laughs, and when we talked about each others' plays, one kid was like "since when did Rangers wear capes?" "They don't make them like they used to." I really wish I could have said, "technically, it's sentai... so its not PR's fault." but I loved the whole "since when did rangers wear capes?" line someone said, because  I wikipedia-ed PR around this time and found out the dark, dark secret, and why the original yellow had a "special accessory."

I never really watched PR as a child, so, guilty pleasure, I watched a few episodes. They were okay, the ones made in New Zealand I could spot, because I know a bad accent when I hear it.

I realized people liked 90s nostalgia, so I incorporated PR into a play I wrote and directed my senior year... it's really confusing, but picture the writer's guild of America in makeshift PR uniforms, made out of under armor. (The play was written around the same time as the writer's guild strike, and during some censorship happening at other high schools in my area). Suffice to say, everyone loved it.

Anyway, in college, RPM came out, and I thought it was the best thing ever, and didn't feel guilt watching it, mainly because it was written for the older fans. It wasn't preachy, people died and stayed dead, there was no lesson of the week, very talented actors, and an actual plot line, and a post-apocalyptic setting. Oh, and they broke the forth wall "why do our zords have big anime eyes?" "Why do we have to shout 'RPM get in Gear' into the sky?" And I was pissed when Eddie Guizilian (is that how you spell his name?) was kicked off, and I was happy the rest of the cast was pissed too!

So, around the same time, I was curious about sentai, which I found out about a few years ago, and I started watching bits and pieces of Sentai. I watched Shinkenger, it was the first series I followed while it aired. As well, I watched the henshin sequences online, and opening sequences online, and was amazed at some of them (my all time favorite henshin was JAKQ), and I gradually fell in love with sentai, and tokusatsu in general. I love superheroes, I love giant robots. I loved watching the 70s and 80s stuff. And the series were amazing, good storylines, and they actually had realistic violence. And the characters were amazing. Although they were selling toys, they still had great plot lines. And not to mention the actors and actresses were gorgeous. And they gradually became more feminist, with strong female characters. When I watched Liveman and some of the older stuff, I was like "you know what? This is pretty cool, I'm sticking with this." I don't know why, but it clicked. And I didn't feel weird watching it. It was like the anime my sister likes, only the real deal.

So I abandoned PR after RPM ended, and stuck solely with sentai, and, as a writer, I realized that the writers were actually copying these great sentai storylines and watering them down (Timeranger was a great ensemble piece that had an important humanistic approach, that you can change your own future, that PR didn't use, and as well, they didn't use the juicy characters of Blue and Yellow as much)--they weren't giving the sentai writers enough credit as they deserved. And as a writer, I was pissed. RPM was really original, and well-written, and most of the PR series (not all of them) pale in comparison to that. So I'd rather watch the original stuff, and as well, the old stuff, from the seventies and eighties. And then, I got into the other tokusatsu: Kamen Rider, Zubat, etc.

Anyway, I hope this doesn't come across as an anti-PR rant. Although, I do hold onto the nostalgia--I have a PR ringtone, that little tune that goes off whenever someone's in trouble, and people think its cool.

Friday, April 22, 2011

My Fan Fiction. Tell Me What You Think.

A few months ago, I got a (or as one of my friends to it, the pit) account under the name bushido girl. I've written three stories, two of them are completed.

The morning after is the semi-autobiographical account of the morning after a party, where I woke up, hung-over, wearing a suit, and had sand in my pants. Supposedly I blacked out when I smoked a hookah.... someone must have put something in there. Okay, it's not semi-autobiographical, but its funny! Anyway, I might write a sequel. I was inspired when Urataros possessed Natsumi, I think, in Decade. He says something like, "I don't possess girls that much, but this will do." I wonder if he just doesn't possess Ryotaro.

Read it here!

Dreaming Shinkenger was kind of the preview for my in progress fic. On Valentine's Day there were a crap load of Takeru and Mako getting married fics, and since I hadn't finished my fic, which focuses on Takeru and Kotoha, I decided to upload this little fic that's a homage to the ending scene from The Graduate. Read Dreaming, Shinkenger here. Just so you know, hintity hint hint, Mako is possessed by Dayu in my Wedding fic, hopefully it was hinted upon well enough.

 My latest fic that is still in progress is called The Wedding, which can be hinted about in Dreaming, Shinkenger. I don't want to summarize it, I want you to read it. I'm at chapter six, where Takeru and Kotoha are kind of in a relationship, but something's going to happen that will change them forever.

I got an idea this week about doing a Gokaiger crossover. One of my favorite toku actors is Yutaka Hirose aka.

Ley Wanda from Flashman

Dr. Kemp from Liveman

Tranza from Jetman

And Jin from Dairanger.

So, what if all of these guys were related? (which doesn't make a lot of sense, because Ley Wanda is the genetic amalgamation of four lesser space beings, and Tranza is some multidimensional being. But I'll find a way to make it all fit) And what if the youngest brother, or cousin (around the same age as the Gokaigers) wants vengeance. So he takes on these forms, and the Gokaigers fight as the Flashman, Liveman, Jetman, and Dairanger. He decides to revive his brothers or whatever they are, which doesn't work that great because Jin was more of an anti-hero than a villain, and although Kemp was loyal to Bias and did horrible things, his soul ended up leading the revolt against Bias, destroying him. So he ultimately did what was right in the end, and Yuusuke was later at his grave. Oh, and it definitely does not help that the real Tranza is in a catatonic state similar to Jack Nicholson at the end of One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. So somehow, clones are involved, Ahim defeats Ley Wanda as Red Flash, Joe as Red Falcon, and the Revived Kemp defeat the Demon Beast Kemp clone side by side, Doc as Red Hawk defeats Tranza, Luka as RyuuRanger and Jin side-by-side defeat the Demon Boxer clone, and Marvelous as GokaiRed defeats the Youngest Brother.

What do you think of the pairrings (not the romantic ones, the duels)? Ahim in Flashman, Joe in Liveman, Doc in Jetman, and Luka in Dairanger. Ahim fits nicely with Flashman because she's a girl who lost her family too. Joe with Liveman because he had a falling out with his swordmaster (hmm... I wonder who it is cough cough, Barizorg), Don with Jetman (I originally thought that it would be Don in Liveman because they were all intelligent, and Joe in Jetman because they were militaristic and serious, but Don's more of a do-gooder, like the Jetman, and the themes in Liveman fit with Joe). Luka would have some good chemistry with Jin, who initially assassinated for money, but didn't care towards the end. It also seemed he loved the fight as much as Luka loved treasure.

So what do you guys think? Let me know!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Paging Doctor Kakeru, Gokaiger Episode 9

Joe, Luka, and Ahim are in the crow's nest, looking for the floating island. They've circled the Earth a number of times, but nothing's come up, and of course, Marvelous won't stop. Then they notice a cloud that they passed a few times. It's stayed the same shape. So Marvelous swerves the GokaiGalleon into the cloud, much to his fellow crew members' chagrin. But when they go closer, into the center of the cloud, they see a turtle-shaped island. And the Gokaigers couldn't be happier.

Meanwhile, on the Chariot Horse, Damaras and Insarn have found the floating island too. And they are ready to find the treasure first.

The Gokaigers explore the Animarium, but before they can find their treasure, they are ambushed by Action Commander Bowser, and some Gormin and Sugormin. The Gokaigers change and fight, defeating most of the minions, however Bowser has a little trick up his sleeve. He has super speed, so the Gokaigers turn into the Turborangers to counter it. They perform the combination attack against them.

But then they hear a lion's roar. And so does a hot vet, fixing a puppy's hurt leg.

The roar belongs to GaoLion, who is not amused. Bowser orders the gormin to go after the lion, but Gaolion shoves the Gormin out of his way. Then Gaolion goes all "Get the hell off of my property." And shoves both the Gokaigers and the Zangyack off of the Animarium. Both the Gokaigers and the Gormin are falling through the sky. The hot vet goes outside his clinic to watch the commotion and HOLY CRAP, IT'S KAKERU! The Gokaigers become the Jetman so that they can fly and not plummet to their death, and Sugormin becomes a glider for Bowser to use. The Gokaigers dodge him, but he hits Ahim's leg. Ahim plummets into Doc, and Mavelous, Joe, and Luka use the Bird Blasters to shoot at Bowser, who falls.

Don and Ahim land into a bunch of boxes, while the rest land safely. Ahim struggles to walk as she has a pain in her ankle. The team realizes that GaoLion is the source of the Legendary power. Marvelous says that they should go and get him, but someone interrupts him. It's Kakeru.

Kakeru tells them that they can't go on the island if they are going to trample there just for power.

"And what if we?" asks Marvelous.

Kakeru says it won't happen for them.

Marvelous asks who Kakeru is.

Kakeru says that he's a veterinarian. Marvelous says they're pirates.

Cue Western Showdown eyes.

Joe says they really don't care what he thinks, and Luka says they have their own way of doing things. The team takes their leave when Ahim collapses in pain. Luka and Don rush to her side. Ahim tells them to go without her, or else the Zangyack will defeat them. Joe tells Don to look after her, and Marvelous, Joe, and Luka exit. Ahim struggles to get up. Kakeru immediately goes to her side.

"Are you hurt... let me see..." he pulls down her bootleg, revealing some blood on her sock. He tells Ahim he will treat her. Don says that he thought he didn't like them. Then Kakeru goes Hippocratic Oath on him.

Meanwhile, on the Chariot Horse, Damaras and Insarn find out about GaoLion as the source of power. Damaras tells him to get the Lion before the Gokaigers do, and if he refuses to be captured, to destroy him (poor GaoLion). But...


Back at Kakeru's clinic, Kakeru wraps a bandage around Ahim's ankle, while Don holds the puppy Kakeru was treating earlier, in his lap.

In possibly one of the cutest moments, the puppy runs to Ahim, who picks him up. I guess even in the Sentai world, Princesses are friends to all animals.

"Are you worried about me, even though you are injured too?" asks Ahim to the puppy.

Don tells Kakeru that he's not an ordinary veterinarian, since he knows about the red lion, and the legendary power.

Kakeru tells them that the red lion is GaoLion, and that he's a guardian spirit that protects all life on Earth. He says that he was his chosen warrior, GaoRed on the Gaorangers.

And cue the image flash over Kakeru.

Don and Ahim are surprised. Don concludes that that lion is the Gaoranger's power.

Don asks if they can have it.

Kakeru says he can't give it to him, because the power of the Gaorangers is GaoLion's power, and he doubts he'd share it with a bunch of treasure-hungry pirates. Ahim tells him he's mistaken.

Back on the Chariot Horse, Oiles Gil lectures Damaras about how silly he was. They'll soon rule the entire universe, so that will mean that everything in the universe will belong to the Zangyack, so its foolish to search for the power now. Damaras has this look on his face (well, you can't really see his face making expressions) that looks like he is fighting every urge to kick the boss's kid's ass. Oiles Gil tells Barizorg that there is a change in plans. "Yes boss."

The rest of the team is continuing their search for GaoLion, when they notice that the Gormin are attacking civilians.

Ahim tells Kakeru that they aren't simply in pursuit for treasure, and if they were, they would have abandoned her when she fell. Don says that they have a habit of sticking their neck out for others, and if they see something that bothers them, they'll forget about the treasure and deal with that instead. They say that if they only cared about treasure, then they wouldn't have let neither of them on the team.

Back to Marvelous, Joe, and Luka, who decide to "pay back" the gormin (really their way of saying protecting civilians). Marvelous says "Hey, treasure, we'll be back for you in a sec!" And they change and fight.

Luka says that she thought they were looking for treasure, but Bowser said there has been a change in plans. Navi alerts Doc and Ahim that the rest of the team is fighting with the Zangyack.

"Oh man, they're sticking their necks out again."

Ahim hands the cute widdle puppy back to Kakeru and thanks him. Kakeru somewhat smiles as they take their leave. Kakeru watches Doc and Ahim fight their way through the Gormin. He then watches the rest of the team fight: Marvelous fighting some Gormin and telling a civilian to run.

Marvelous throws his GokaiSabre to Joe, who uses his duel sword technique to defeat some Gormin. Some girls run up to him and thank him.

They swarm around him, and gush and flirt like he's a Beatle or something.

"Hey, studly!" shouts Luka as she throws her grappling hook at Joe, who holds up his sword while still schmoozing with the girls. Luka grabs the GokaiSabre with her grappling hook, and uses her Grappling hook/sword technique on the Gormin. Luka then throws her sword not at Bowser, but at some Gormin who are attacking some civilians.

Kakeru flashes back to what Marvelous, Joe, and Luka said to him. Kakeru says they are pretty rough around the edges. They are just down to a few Sugormin and Bowser. They fire at the Gokaigers, who block them and fire back. Joe asks Ahim if she's going to be okay, and Ahim says yes.

The Gokaigers become the Gaoranger, and get their own henshin sequence. They battle. Luka uses Gaoyellow's flight powers, and pins a Sugormin against a wall. Joe uses GaoBlue's Surging Rush attack. Doc and Ahim pair up and attack another Sugormin. Marvelous takes on Bowser. They finish up with the Gaoranger's final attack or finisher, the Hundred Beasts Sword, destroying the Sugormin who are shielding Bowser. Kakeru asks GaoLion if he saw that, and what he thinks about it. GaoLion roars in approval.

The Gokaigers defeat Bowser with the final wave, GokaiBlast. And of course Insarn revives them. The Gokaigers form GokaiOh. They are about to do the Gokai Starburst attack, but Bowser launches a claw at the clock dial thingy on Gokaioh's back, preventing them from doing this. The Gokaigers are screwed, until GaoLion roars. Their Gaoranger keys glow. Ahim says that GaoLion must have accepted them. Luka asks if the two had their own adventure again. They put in their Gaoranger keys, and the claw and the Sugormin fall off of Gokai-oh, after a burst of power. GaoLion comes off of the Animarium. GaoLion lunges at Bowser and claws him. He then looks at the Gokaigers and roar, meaning that he wants them to combine with him (how cute!) They form GaoGokaiOh. The Sugormin become motorcycles, and they fight against them, reminding me of the chariot race in Ben Hur. The Gokaigers then finish Bowser off with Gokai Animal Heart.

Kakeru looks up at his successors, and says to GaoLion that he hopes that he gets along with the pirates well, and he walks back to his practice. He looks a bit tearful.

GaoLion bids the Gokaigers farewell for now as they sail away from the Animarium. Four down, thirty to go. Joe questions what made GaoLion change his mind. Don and Ahim smile and exchange glances. Marvelous smirks and says who knows. GaoLion Roars.

Next Episode, Joe and Luka wear makeshift Gormin costumes to sneak aboard a Zangyack ship to steal a weapon--oh and they will play a card game, probably something high-stakes. We see them as BoukenBlue and BoukenYellow and, since they're playing a card game, what team is better to battle as than JAKQ. And Luka finally becomes Big One!

Great episode, though I did have a few objections (okay, one).

I wanted them to use the Gaoranger's powers more, that was my only objection-- I was pissed that Luka didn't use Gaku's wings! (I also wanted Kei Horie to appear and the hottie who plays GaoSilver, but they both have busy careers!)

I had the pleasure of watching this episode with one of my friends, and she enjoyed herself. I think ti was interesting for her to see Turboranger and Jetman especially. She then noticed that I became very excited to see the promo.

This was probably the cutest episode so far.

I liked seeing the Turboranger attack in hi-def. Also, Don could barely support Ahim when they did the Turboranger pose. His legs were trembling.

I would really like to see Joe or Luka interact with a past Sentai (together or separately). Which sentai do you think they should interact with?

I liked the use of the Gaoranger music during the fight sequence, and the sound cue that happens every time they summon a Power Animal.

Next week, so psyched!