Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My Maskman Adaptation

I study playwriting and my goal is to become a playwright and screenwriter, and write for television as well.

While I love writing in story format, I feel most comfortable writing in play and screenplay format. I would love to ask Toei to get the rights solely for Maskman and film it (although I would love to include Mecha from other series as well).

I made a few creative, but good changes to the Maskman story.

So let me know if you like it.

As well, there will be small appearances of other former Sentai who help this American team. (Although if I ever adapt it, I doubt they could all appear)

The team is multicultural: Takeru is Japanese and Kao is Chinese.

There are two major romantic relationships throughout the series: Takeru and Daria (Red Mask and Yellow Mask) and Ken and Magenta (Black Mask and Pink Mask).

Suguta is the mentor.

Another warning: I suck at villain names.

Here is the link to download the first episode: it's in pdf format, btw.

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