Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Swordsman in Blue, Gokaiger Episode 4

I guess I beat the rest of you bloggers to it! Gokaiger episode four is a character focus episode: with focus on Blue. It was a great episode. Gokaiger hasn't lost its momentum, and shows no sign of becoming Decade.

This episode begins with the Gokaigers doing something no Sentai team has ever done before: showing off their mecha to citizens of Japan. They try using JAKQ and Battle Fever J keys so the mecha will get a power-up, just like MagiGokaioh, but to no avail. The citizens leave, bored and pissed.

Later, in Gokaigalleon, Joe reasons that they haven't realized the potential with the rest of the sentai powers, so that's why they could only do a power-up with the Magiranger's power. Marvelous enters and assigns Joe and Ahim to grocery duty.

Meanwhile, Damaras has brought the Zangyack a new action commander, Zodomas, a master swordsman. Zodomas amuses Oiles Gil by slicing an apple into pieces.

Back on Earth Joe and Ahim have just finished shopping at a mall. Joe refuses to let Ahim carry the bags because it's menswork and wait a second-- back up! Looks like we have another Easter Egg. Tomorrow Research from Timeranger, SCRTC from Gekiranger, Snack-gon from Goranger, Dinocurry, are at the mall too. And it looks like Genta has discovered franchising! Along with many others (9 to be exact)

Okay, back to topic:

Zodomas and some Gormin have ambushed Joe and Ahim. The rest arrive and they henshin and battle, Joe taking on Zodomas.

At first, things look good for Joe, until Zodomas executes his special attack, in which he creates multiple swords that fly at Joe. Joe is knocked out of his armor, and is left injured. Ahim and Doc go to his side, and Marvelous and Luka are eager to go after Zodomas, until Joe challenges him to a duel. Zodomas accepts. Even though she is wearing her helmet, we can tell Ahim is gravely worried.

Back on the ship, Doc and Ahim serve Marvelous and Luka dinner. Ahim notices that Joe isn't there. Marvelous and Luka remark he is out.

In a forest, Joe has rigged a load of swords up, and has tied them to strings to simulate Zodomas's special attack. He holds his Sabre and another sword. He cuts the ropes, and the swords fly at him, as he practices. Ahim comes to watch him. Joe gets cut again. Ahim rushes to him, but he tells her to go away.

Later, Ahim confronts Marvelous, and is upset about the fact Joe is going to fight alone and is practically killing himself with his training. Ahim said that they are friends, and they are teammates, and one of the reasons they joined the team was to be strong together. And friends wouldn't let that happen. Marvelous remarks that they can be friends and teammates in different ways than just fighting together. Ahim is visually distressed and runs to the crow's nest. Luka looks nervous.

It's a cold night on the Crow's Nest. Luka comes up and put's Ahim's jacket on Ahim, telling her she'll catch cold. "Do you know why Joe's so focused on his swordsmanship?" "I don't know," says Ahim. "I don't know either," says Luka. "But I think," she carries on, "He probably has some painful memories about someone... probably the one who taught him to use a sword. I asked him about it once...and Joe just had an expression like I'd never seen before... and told me not to ask about it. When he isolates himself like that, it's because he's trying to put up the best fight he can. So I think he wants you to just let him get on with it. Because your his friend. That's what I want to believe, at least. If he's all by himself, it means he has a good reason to be."

Meanwhile, after getting cut yet again, Joe hones up to his abilities, while the Zangyack observe. They somehow know that he was trained to fight with two swords. Zodomas looks nervous, and looks towards Insarn.

The next day, both Luka and Ahim are sharing a blanket and sleeping on the couch. It's really early in the morning. Navi senses Zangyack presence and alerts them. However, Ahim is the only one who wakes up. Ahim runs to go to Joe, as Luka falls back on the couch.

Joe is ready to go to battle. Ahim confronts him and gives him her Sabre. He continues.

He goes on a rocky beach where Zodomas is waiting and henshins. They duel and Joe gets some pretty good hits. Ahim hides behind a rock and watches from afar. Zodomas does his special attack, and Joe seems to have upper hand, dodging and cutting his swords, until some Sugormin come and hold him down. An unfair move, isn't it?

Ahim rushes and henshins, but Gormin come and hold her off. She is forced to fight them.

Zodomas is about to kill Joe when he is shot from the sky.

The remaining Gokaigers arrive, sliding down ropes from the GokaiGalleon, shooting at Zodomas. They tell Joe to continue his duel and take on the Gormin and Sugormin. Ahim is happy they came.

When they are down to just the Sugormin, they change into:


and Dekarangers, using their attacks on them.

Joe once again has the upper hand against Zodomas, cutting his swords in half, until Zodomas unleashes his new upgrade. Insarn reveals she gave this to him because he was worried. Joe is once again being defeated, until the Gokaigers give Joe their sabres--with the price of being once again on grocery duty after this battle is over.

Joe wields five freakin sabres, and splits Zodomas's swords in half. He executes his final wave attack: Five Sword Style, Blue Slash, using five blue ranger keys. Zodomas is defeated.

Unfortunately, he is revived, along with some Sugormin. He jumps on the sugormin and rides them like a hoverboard. The Gokaigers form Gokaioh, and then MagiGokaioh, and defeat him.

Back on the Galleon, Joe has just went grocery shopping, and surprises everyone with a cake. Ahim thanks him and he looks away. As the Gokaigers dig in and Ahim goes to make tea, she stops by Joe, and takes the frosting off his nose and eats it. She leaves, and Joe smiles.

In the next episode, we have Ban, Jasmine, and Doggie returning, arresting the Gokaigers for what else: pirating.

Ban's back to his natural hair color. (well, the actor, Ban's hair was always highlighted on the show)

And Jasmine has grown out her hair from the vs, and looks as sultry and ready to kick ass as ever.

Marvelous is in handcuffs, and is dueling against Doggie.

And not only do the Gokaigers change into Dekarangers, but they transform into


and Dairangers, sans Marvelous.

I asked fellow blogger Sean Akizuki if this was his second Christmas because he likes Ayumi Kinoshita/Jasmine. He said no. Now that it's revealed that the Gokaigers will become the Dairangers, which I think he also likes, is it a second Christmas now? (although I don't celebrate Christmas, I celebrate smug day the day after Christmas)

Anyway, my thoughts. Great beginning development and reveal of Joe's character. More's on the way. I loved the Monster of the Week, and Insarn continues to be sultry. Joe's training was amazing, along with his fighting. I also liked the fact that although it focused on Joe, it also focused on how his character and decision to fight alone affects the rest of the team as well. Great moments between and Joe and Ahim, and Ahim and Luka.

The fighting, as usually was awesome. Hopefully, every Gokaiger will get their own final wave.

We have two ship teases: Ahim and Joe, and Luka and Ahim. Now, the latter sounds a little far-fetched, and a lot of fans blew the whole sleeping in the blanket thing out of proportion. Fans on the boards have immediately rushed to conclusions (it's friggin hillarious). I'd need more proof, but I always welcome a same-sex shipping, as long as there is enough proof (If you have as many shippable moments as Kakeru and Gaku in Gaoranger, you are officially a ship tease to me). So far, there hasn't been. This episode is making me like Ahim a little bit more. Luka is still my favorite.


  1. Well, this looks interesting. Least this avoids your fear of the very common Red-Pink pairing... right?

    And am I glad Jasmine is back with long hair.

  2. Yeah. I like the chemistry between her and green as well. A pink and yellow pairing would be awesome too (wink wink) but it probably never happen. But it would be progressive. I like Jasmine with both long and short hair. But the long does look better.