Saturday, March 12, 2011

Tsunami Update

Hey guys! I hope everyone's safe and warm!

The emergency response has been good, however, there is still much work to be done. As well, there is a team trying to fix a nuclear reactor which was affected by the earthquake, so we have that to worry about as well.

All of our favorite stars have checked in okay. My friends who are studying abroad in Japan or live there are okay as well.

I've listed the red cross as a way to help, and a lot of toku fans have found another way!

Riders, Rangers and Rambles have teamed up with HJU, Youtube Toy Reviewers, and Renz Media Network sites have teamed up for SUPER HERO TIME!

This will go towards CStoys International's National Relief Aid. Masaki Seike, Regional Director of CStoys inside Japan will be delivering the donations himself!

So go ahead. Every little thing counts.

Now, with regards to the other Super Hero Time. It will probably reconvene next Sunday. One thing I do worry about is the effect of the disaster on the writers' and actors' psyche. The actors are all okay, and very optimistic, though. Hopefully, Toei might use the proceeds of Gokaiger and OOO merchandise for relief as well.

So, to quote Go-on yellow: Smile, smile!

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