Wednesday, November 7, 2012

First Annual Super Sentai Awards

I know, it's not award season yet, but I've been wanting to do this post for a while.

So I created some unique awards for some sentai characters. They each go to one male and one female. Enjoy!

Best Hair
For me, it's one thing to have good hair, it's another thing to be creative with your hair, and look good doing it, so the winners are.....

Mei/Ptera Ranger and Sion/Time Green

Mei is known for changing her hairstyle every other episode, and Sion's hair is a weird color not because he's an alien, but because he loves dying it, and we see many different colors throughout the season, which Sion rocks.

Best Footwear
I'm not a footwear person. I wear white socks, because they're easy to wash, and ordinary shoes. I have these Doc Martins with roses on them that I like, but I don't have them with me. But some people have extremely good taste in socks and shoes and are creative with it. You can tell a lot about a person by the shoes they wear, as it makes them a fun and unique individual. So the winners are...

Rei/DynaPink and Gai/GokaiSilver

When I watched the first episode of Dynaman, the first thing I noticed was Rei's socks, I don't know why... but she had these white socks with these pom-poms on the side, and they matched her wardrobe nicely. Fellow blogger Fantasy Leader and I were watching Gai's debut episode together (well, not physically together, but we were chatting via facebook), and I'm like "dude has great shoes and socks" and Fantasy Leader was like "totally." Gai has these silver shoes and these colorful socks that say a lot about his personality. Both of these winners not only have good taste in footwear, but they are good at kicking the villains' asses with them.

Best Bod
I know, I sound like a pig, but hey, Super Sentai has tons of eye candy. And all of them (well, most of them) are in great shape. But we don't really see that many revealing scenes. And as well, these two winners don't have to flaunt their bodies by showing them off constantly. You'll be surprised who these winners are. And the winners are...

Natsumi/Yellow Racer and Shirogane/GaoSilver

Natsumi is mostly seen in her not so revealing, baggy mechanics uniform, and for a while, Youko was the sole Carranger hottie (also Naoki too). But then, Youko and Natsumi went shopping and tried on swimsuits, and Natsumi tried on a bikini, and looked amazing in it, and Youko was extremely surprised, as she had never seen Natsumi in this light before. So surprised that she lost self-confidence and thought she herself was overweight. Before Shirogane made his formal appearance, Kakeru recalled, along the same time Rouki appeared, that he saw a man bathing naked in the river. That man, as we see in the flashback was Shirogane, and man, he left a great first impression. Although Gaku remarked in English "Dangerous and Strange!" the rest of us were thinking "Droool..."

James Dean Award
James Dean played the quintessential bad boy/anti-hero in the 1950s, before dying an untimely death. What really makes a sentai season interesting is if there are members on the team who aren't good-doers, and have a different set of morals. Rebels. These bad girls and bad boys add a juiciness to the team dynamics. And the winners are...

Luka/GokaiYellow and Gai/Black Condor

Okay, Gai's here, duh. I mean, he smokes, gambles (and cheats), rides a motorcycle, drinks, fights with his leader, yet somehow has a sense of justice and saves the day all while being a badass. This isn't what your usual sentai hero will do, but Gai pulls it off. Same with Luka. Although most of the Gokaigers aren't exactly heroes (cough, cough, Marvelous, cough cough, Joe, cough cough, Luka), Luka doesn't behave like your typical girl. Despite now having a home, and food, and clothing, Luka is still greedy, and still steals. She never changes, which is kind of refreshing. Like Gai, she gambles and cheats, has money as her top priority, and I'm pretty sure Don and Gai (Gokaiger's Gai, not Jetman Gai) are afraid of her, and she even joked about turning Marvelous in for his bounty. But hey, Marvelous accepts her, the rest of the team accepts her, and the fans love her because of it.

So, that's all there is for now. I hope to write more soon!