Friday, March 11, 2011

Support for Japan

I'm not sure how many of you guys keep up with the news, but there has been an earthquake, followed by a tsunami (which usually happens if the earthquake is under an ocean) in Japan.  Supposedly hundreds of people are thought dead. Many are without homes, or cannot get home. Chaos and anxiety is amok. Many of my friends are from Asia and have relatives there, so this is heartwrenching for them as well, because not just Japan is affected, but a lot of countries near the Pacific Ocean, or part of the ring of fire are affected and warnings have been issued. As well, a nuclear power plant in Japan has been affected as well, although nothing horrible has resulted from it, although people who live near it are required to evacuate.

I checked both Ryota Ozawa and Mao Ichimichi's blogs (both of which I subscribe to on ameblo) and both have posted about the earthquake/tsunami.

Now, the important thing is not to be selfish. The last thing we want to worry about is if gokaiger or ooo will air on Sunday (technically Saturday in the US). Although I am worried that gokaiger might be shortened like decade, although I doubt it.

The episodes set to air, that we have summaries for: 5, 6, and 7 will air, although they might resume airring next week. I'll need to look into the full process of when they film sentai, with regards to episodes.

Because of damage, there might be a hiatus in filming both series. They could either move to places not affected, or take a hiatus.

Now, this next part sounds incredibly lame: You want to be a hero? Sean Akizuki has put a link on his blog to the red cross. Donate. People can use your help. And this will not just affect Japan, but countries near the breaking point of the earthquake which might be affected by aftershocks. And it will help many people who have friends or loved ones in Japan feel okay.

For those of you in Japan, I hope you're all nice, warm, and safe.

Smile, smile!

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