Sunday, February 20, 2011

Hard on Starboard: Gokaiger Episode Two

This post will have pictures, as I did the last post in a soda-influenced/excitement trance.

Okay, first I'd like to thank Overtime for their subs. Really quick, like in a day.

I hoped to instantly watch it, however, Keyhole was down for maintanance. Come on!

The extremely cute Navi has some psychic powers, apparently. Navi goes into a psychic trance (by hitting his or herself on the head) and tells them to look for a man in black, who will be the key to finding the treasure and getting off of this backwoods planet. Unfortunately, when the Gokaigers go to look, they find that almost everyone is wearing black clothing.

They encounter a teenage boy who they believe is the prophesied man in black clothing. He manages to steal Gokaired's Shinken Red key, and Red goes to beat him up, but being a sweet princess, Pink goes with him to make sure he doesn't, while Green worries, and Blue and Yellow understand what's going on, having apparently been with Captain Marvelous the longest. They remark how their Captain probably liked the boy, because he reminded him about how reckless he used to be. We find out the boy's grandfather died protecting him during the legend war (any idea who he could be?).

We see a flashback to how the Gokaigers came upon the treasure chest of awesome (my name for it). Akared saves Gokaired from a fight and gives the chest to him, tells him to live for his (Akared's) sake, and to find the greatest treasure ever.

As the Gorman (Zangyack footsoldiers) land on Earth, Gokaired gives the boy his changer, and tells him that if he defeats the Gorman, he will keep the changer, but if he doesn't, he has to give it back to him. The boy transforms into a teenage-boy-sized version of Shinkenred, and actually manages to kick some ass--until the Monster of the Week, the Action Commander Bongan, attacks him, and defeats him. Gokaired and the boy get in a heated discussion, and asks what the planet's value is. The boy says, it's everywhere, and that if they were pirates, they can figure it out themselves. Gokaired takes back the changer, and they transform. They use the final wave attack to defeat the Sugormin (slightly better Gormin) We see two costume changes: Dekaranger, Hurricanger and a bunch of reds: Gokaired becomes Shinkenred, Blue becomes Gaored, Yellow becomes Magired, Green becomes GoseiRed, and Pink becomes Gekired. However, after using these costume changes to defeat Bongan, Insarn, the Zangyack's mad scientist, uses an enlarger ray to revive Bongan and two Sugormin. GokaiOh then precedes to kick their asses.

They go back to their ship, as the boy smiles, looking after them. As Marvelous stands on the bow of the boat, the rest of the gokaigers wonder if Navi's prediction is wrong, and Navi says "not necessarily."

An then zoom out, beautiful sunset and-- wait, there is a guy in black, Navi's right--and he's wearing a cloak that's black and takes off the hood and holy crap it's Kai!


Great second episode. Looks like they aren't losing their steam.

GokaiGalleon is anchored on to Earth and floating like a blimp on top of a bunch of buildings.

I thought Navi would be annoying, but he is so cute.

Never use Luka as a human shield. Don should know that by now. Love the running gag.

The flashback was amazing

Aw, Joe pats the teenage boy on the head as they leave to fight.

The fights and "costume changes" were amazing. I love Pink's cartwheel in the air while she's shooting, and the final wave.

Awesome mecha battle. Another important lesson, never try to turn that dial at the back of the Gokaioh--unless you want your ass kicked.

Yes! Kai's back, and more mature, and no, he isn't possessed by momotaros, his hair was like that in the epilogue in Magiranger's final episode.

The second end theme was awesome. I love how Don is set on fire by the Gingaman, and then rescued by GoGoV.

Looks like in the next episode, GokaiGreen is finally going to work up some courage with Kai's help. Kai's deep voice is kind of sexy. We also have Magidragon combining with Gokaioh. Meanwhile, Joe and the Gokaigirls transform into some black and white rangers, including two of my favorites: Big One and Ninjablack! Unfortunately, Luka won't be turning into Big One yet. (yes, I'm like the only fan that is looking forward to Luka becoming Big One).

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