Monday, May 2, 2011

Bringing Down The House: My Thoughts on Gokaiger Episode 10

Luka Milfy was just the most gifted student at MIT---I mean space pirate. But there were some problems she couldn't solve. Until the day she was given the chance.

Inspired by a true story.

It was the perfect solution.

Until she took it too far.

This spring.

"I was not the same guy I was out"

When you change the rules.

You change the game.

When you're a Gokaiger, you can become anyone you want.

Okay, from now on, instead of episode summaries, I'm going to be just giving reviews.

This counts as a filler episode, although it's a pretty good one. Also, it dives into Luka and Joe's characters some more: specifically that they know each other well, Joe seems to know what a lot about Zangyack ships, and it does show that Marvelous sucks at cards. As well, we learn something else: Gormin are possibly the stupidest mooks ever! They couldn't even see Luka cheat at cards.

They do the JAKQ attack just like the original show. Shot for shot.

I'm going to probably put the 21 trailer over this and make a parody video. But great filler episode. Luka is becoming more and more the anti-hero. Cheating at cards, is how Luka plays "seriously."

I need to continue working on my JAKQ adaptation.

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