Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I'm so Excited, I just Can't Hide it: Returning Heroes in Gokaiger 199 Hero Battle

Today we've been getting a lot of news about the upcoming Gokaiger Movie. We know that the Goseigers, Daigorou/DenjiBlue, Ryuu/Ryuuranger, Umeko/DekaPink, Satoru/Boukenred, Saki/Go-on Yellow, Chiaki/ShinkenGreen, and Genta/ShinkenGold are going to appear. This was posted on jefusion, a wonderful website.

We see Naoya Makoto returning as Kaijou/Akaranger, Hiroshi Miyauchi returning as Banba/Big One, Junichi Haruta returning as Kanpei/Goggle Black, Sayoko Hagiwara returning as Rei/Dynapink, Ryosuke Sakamoto returning as Shirou/Red One, and Kenta Satou returning as Riki/Turbored.

Okay how do I put this, I was pleasantly unsurprised. I knew that these guys were going to make an appearance in Gokaiger sooner or later. Why? Because they love tokusatsu, and they enjoyed their time on the series. I was pleasantly unsurprised because they are all great actors that I hoped would be returning. I love these guys!

So here's my tally of actors returning by color, excluding the Goseigers.

Five Reds for Marvelous. (Akaranger, Red One, Turbored, RyuuRanger, BoukenRed)

One Blue for Joe. (DenjiBlue)

Two Yellows for Luka. (Go-on Yellow and Big One--Luka is Big One whenever the Gokaigers become JAKQ)

Two Greens/Black for Don. (Goggle Black, ShinkenGreen)

Two Pinks for Ahim. (DynaPink, DekaPink)

They all will be civillians, and living normal (or above normal, when you think about it) lives and may or may not interact with the Gokaigers.

Some of these guys have been in different series with each other. Can you imagine them breaking the fourth wall. Kaijou to Banba: Akira, since when did stop being a cowboy and you became a cyborg? Rei to Kanpei: Do I know you? Saki to Kanpei and Umeko: This is going to sound weird, but weren't you guys engines or something? What would really be great is if one of the actors from Flashman appeared (probably Touta Tarumi or Kihachiro Uemura--Jin/RedFlash, Dai/GreenFlash because they both enjoyed their roles and are involved with reunions as well, along with the other people appearing) and accidently attacked Rei because Sayoko played Ley Nefel, the main female villain on the show. And then they're like "whoops! You wanna go out for coffee some time?" (Sayoko is and always will be gorgeous) What's even more interesting is that Rei was an accomplished fencer and wielded a fencing sword even in her civilian form in Dynaman, and Ley Nefel wielded a fencing sword as well, so that would definitely cause some confusion.

I am so psyched. I wish I lived in Japan so I could see this movie in theaters! They need another blue for Joe, though. Hmm... Aoranger and Big One on a Green Screen? It's like the parent trap, only with two 60-something Japanese men (and pretty handsome for 60 lol). Zubat should appear too. (Is it just me, or does Hiroshi Miyauchi wish he was a cowboy?)

What do you guys think of these new movie guest stars? Comment!


  1. This is AWESOME. I'm really hyped on this right now, if only for Goggle Black, Red Turbo and Dyna Pink.

    Which reminds me, I should speed up my Sentai watching too...

    P.S: Check the first paragraph. Did Chiaki suddenly change color?

  2. @ChrisX Yes, Chiaki changed color. I made Chiaki ShinkenPink! I am God! Just kidding.