Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Princess and the Ransom: My thoughts on Gokaiger Episode 13

Finally, an Ahim episode! It was okay. The best part of it was the message: Ahim was a princess who lost everything, and is now a pirate. You can make your own path no matter what. She really is a nice princess/pirate.

This one image just symbolizes Ahim's character.

Other highlights include this:

The Gokaigers will do anything if you steal one of their members--anything. Just kidding. Doc is getting pretty bold with his fighting techniques.

However, there was one problem so dire in this episode that it caught the attention of millions of fans:

Look at those pants. Now, you all know that I like Luka, but I'm not trying to pull the focus from Ahim. Ahim rocked that dress. Luka, however didn't rock those pants. See those pants? Those are not flattering on anyone! I think they might be gauchos, and gauchos do not look good on anyone. See the kidnapper in the back, looking scared, he's scared of those pants. Lol, no, I'm kidding, but the costume designer and wardrobe crew on Gokaiger should get something a little more flattering. The rest of the cast looks fine though. Where do they get Ahim's dresses? Ahim is rocking those dresses even when she fights. And Ahim's an excellent fighter.

This episode is about making your own path even when you're at your wit's end.... and about how a modern space pirate should and shouldn't dress.

Next week:

I saw this a few weeks ago, So psyched! I love Yuji Kishi--not in that way (dude's married to DekaPink's actress) And he's still wearing his same outfit from the show. I'm looking forward to the change of tone, and how the Gokaigers use the unlocked Carranger's power. I at least hope there's a change of tone--just for this episode not for the whole series because that would be bad. I wonder if any other actors from Carranger are coming... It also looks like Doc is going to be interacting with Kyosuke--we need the others to have interaction as well. What are your thoughts? Please comment below (if you want to lol)

PS: Are those leather pants he's wearing? See that's how you wear pants!


  1. I love this episode. Finally Ahim gets her time to shine and it's awesome. And I didn't even take a sip because for awhile Toilet Gil did NOT throw a tantrum.

    Looking forward for the Carranger ep!

  2. How about Luka headbutting the Gormin? That and all the moves Ahim made to scare the kidnapper off before deciding to help him were the highlights of this episode.

  3. That and the fight featuring the "Limousine Ridin', Jet Flying, Kiss Stealin', Wheelin' Dealin', Styling' and Profilin' Son of a Gun, The Nature Boy Don Dogoier. WOOOOOOOOOOO."
    I know it's stupid, but someone's should have expected a Ric Flair reference.

    @Mr Smith, after seeing the Zord combo in this episode, could this be an indication of Gokaiger's Mecha Overload Syndrome?

  4. @Bslim

    I don't think so. Not yet at least. Only 8 mechas have been shown so far, including the previous Sentai mechas. On each of them they've combined no more than 6. If they use all the mechas from previous seasons and don't go above 6 or 7 in gattai combinations I'll be ok with it.

  5. @ Mr. Smith

    That's cool, although I'm still worried after seeing it combine with Gaolion, I'm sorry, but that didn't look good, don't get me wrong it's not like the other mecha overload zords, but it's not good neither.