Monday, May 23, 2011

Traffic Safety and Romance?: My Thoughts on Gokaiger Episode 14

This episode almost made me pee my pants--that's how funny it was. They handled the Carranger tone change beautifully. Also, it was nice to see the whole team interact with Kyousuke.

The episode starts out hilariously as Navi takes the phrase bad trip to a whole new level (is it just me, or does she look Speedor from Go-onger?).

Totally out of character for the sultry, calm, collected Insarn to be in love like this. And of course, she reverts back to her usual self after this episode.

Yuji Kishi rules! He's still got it! Is it just me, but is Kyousuke alien women bait? Apparently, Kyousuke is not a test driver anymore, but instead is now an actor--is this a reference to Yuji Kishi--who is now a very successful actor?

What happened with him and Zonnette?

But he was trying to use theatre to teach children about--traffic safety??? COME ON!!! The theatre geek in me cracked up, and I cracked up even more when Don quoted Shakespeare. And then Kyousuke used Don as a human shield--now you know what it feels like?

 They accidentally turned into the Turborangers--- because Carranger was based off of Turboranger.

Even how they turned their ranger keys inside the mobirates before becoming the Carrangers was reminiscent of how the Carrangers transformed using their Accel Changers. Oh, and they played the theme music.

This was possibly the silliest attacks ever. And Ahim's suit actress can ride a unicycle? That's talented!

The blank expression on the Zangyack guy's faces while watching Insarn's declaration of love to Jealocit is hilarious. Also, this was the first time the Gokaigers met Insarn and they actually helped her in a fight.

Insarn, we have a word for this on Earth. I'm not going to say it.

This was the culmination of the whole episode. Kyousuke forces them to be in his play about traffic safety. Clearly powerful work.

The Gokaigers act it out half-heartedly (except Don and Ahim who are really into it)

This is possibly one of my most favorite episodes. My only objection is that they didn't use imo-yohan, which was the official series food of Carranger.

And we have promo credits:

 Behold, the Mecha-gasm!

And next week we have:

Marvelous's old friend Vasco de Jolokia appears, and it looks like we have a new antagonist.

People say he looks effeminate. I think he looks like this guy:

His name is Mystery. He is a "pick-up artist." He had his own show on Vh-1. He actually dresses like this to pick up women. And according to Vh-1 it works... and he might be a space pirate...

 And Akared appears again! Maybe it's Vasco in disguise!

Oh SHI--- he can summon sixth rangers. These are some of the best ones.

 What did we learn from this episode, we learned Yuji Kishi still rocks.

And you can only teach traffic safety to children if you have five people dressed in spandex and opague visors.

But in real life, clearly the Brechtian method would be great to teach children about traffic safety, although I doubt children would grasp it and instead be emotionally disturbed.

So psyched for next week, and remember:

 Raise your hand while you cross the street. But not two, because you'll look stupid.


  1. One thing, Toilet Gil wasn't being a tantrum-throwing n00b these days, but I'm not gonna retract my opinion of his patheticness for the moment. He still has much to prove.

    Two thing, Kikuko Inoue is so sexy as Insarn.

    Three thing, this is a hilarious episode. Especially when the Red Racer image appears... then Kyosuke shoves it away.

    Four thing, that Vasco in the preview... the answer to Kaito/Kamen Rider Diend?


  2. It truly was a different kind of ep, but it was really better than the last one. And the Action Commander would have to be the toughest one to date.