Monday, May 9, 2011

Gokaiger! Report to the Emperor! My thoughts on Gokaiger Ep 11 and 12

For those of you who have doubted Kaoru, watch this episode. She is awesome, and this episode makes her even more awesome. If you're wondering why only she appeared, well, the whole cast is extremely talented, and I'm pretty sure that because of that, they're all doing something amazing, so they were too busy to appear. Besides, Chiaki and Genta will appear in the movie!

Is it just me, or is Tanba wearing a toupee? I actually like Tanba. He's needed to present a sharp contrast to both Kaoru, and Jii (who SHOULD HAVE APPEARED!). And its hilarious whenever Kaoru hits him with her fan (what happened to her big one?).

Kaoru is still a force to be reckoned with. Although, I would have loved to see Kaoru fully do the duel with Joe instead of conceding because Joe had to join his team to fight the Zangyack, and giving him a disk instead, but that moment was just as good.

The Phrase "Blue Bloods" gets a whole new meaning. Finally, the Gokaigers meet Oiles Gil.

This is the first time Luka has appeared not wearing her usual jacket (unless you include the maid episode). So far, the rest of the Gokaigers have appeared without their jackets, except her.

Great use of out of suit fighting sequences. Those are some of my favorite things. And of course, we saw Zyuuranger, Dynaman (only for a few seconds though) Gingaman (they did the arched backs and everything). We're going to have the gingaman in the next episode.

The fights in episode twelve were amazing. My favorite ones were Yellow and MegaYellow. And Green Sai, OhGreen. And Pink Flash (I loved watching Ahim use her boot attack in HD) and Time Pink.

And out of suit fight sequences for episode twelve were great as well (fanboys, Ahim took off her jacket, put it on one of the Gormin, then shot them).

The whole thing between Cid and Joe made me feel like crying. So sad. Look forward to seeing more of it. Oh, and I knew it! Joe's trainer was Barizorg. Hahaha! Cid was turned into a Cyborg by the Zangyack and became Barizorg.

I liked seeing Marvelous fighting side-by-side with Joe (twice), and risking his life to save him. Marvelous mentioned that that was the second time he saw Joe. What about the first? Can't wait to see it.

And the montage of the Gokaigers joining the team one by one. And Joe thinking about them, nice.

The scene with the children is one of the scenes they use to show if a character is truly good or not, especially if its a villain. Joe mentions to Cid how the Zangyack lied to them. Hmm... wonder what that's about.

The Shinkenger Fight was great. Seeing a ShinkenYellow that's taller than ShinkenPink is weird to me, but still cool.

ShinkenGokaiOh, so cool!

Next time we finally have an Ahim episode! Ahim, being the altruistic soul she is, helps a man who kidnapped her. And Marvelous wants her back so he doesn't have to pay the ransom... I think that's according to some translations, but I didn't see anything like that in the trailers. I hope this isn't a Marvelous/Ahim ship tease. Ahim has Joe and Doc. I don't want another Everyone hearts Kaori or Everyone hearts Sakura season.


  1. Hm... come to think of it, this goes similar to Zyuranger. Mei's first sole-focus episode (Golden Arrow) is at the 13th episode, same like Ahim's!

    But yeah, these are really great two-parters, and if I have to say who's my fave in Gokaiger so far, that'd be Joe.

    Oh, and I don't mind Marvelous being with Ahim for the next episode, because she got Joe, Doc and Luka... it's only fair that Marvelous gets his share. Though I think it'll be just because he doesn't want to pay ransom and he'd do the same if other allies are kidnapped.

    Three or two sips to Toilet Gil. I wonder if next episode I'll have to sip more.

  2. I highly suggest you don't play the Oil's Gil hissy fit drinking game if you watch every episode of Gokaiger so far, back to back. But once a week is good enough. He reminds me of my little sister, who kind of looks like him.

  3. 11 and 12 were great. All the action, unmorphed and morphed fight scenes, the various heroes they changed into, and of course Joe's backstory.

    As for the next episode, I'm kinda mixed over it. I don't mind Ahim with Marvelous for this episode, but what irks me more is the whole "princess being kidnapped scenario." I mean seriously, I like Ahim but do we really have to have another Disney princess? Ok it might not be that bad. It looks like Ahim does resist, but I just think this episode's synopsis seems a bit cliche.

  4. It's only proper Kaoru shows up here, after all she is the TRUE 18th heir. Anyway, too bad Tori Matsuzaka is busy doing something else. Who knows... he may be in the Philippines dating a Filipino woman.