Saturday, May 28, 2011

New Poll: Which Themed Week Should I Do?

Some of the blogs like to do theme weeks, like cast week, villain week, etc. Well, it's summer, and other than my pretty nice internship, with which I'm going to be busy with, I'm going to have more time on my hands than I do during the college year. So I'm going to spend each day for one week writing on this blog, based off of a certain theme. But I can't pick just one. So I want you to decide.

Girl Power/Feminism Week: Okay, I'm one of the few female tokusatsu bloggers (although I focus a lot more on sentai :-P) and so you're probably wondering what the female opinion is on tokusatsu. And you're probably interested how I think feminist issues are handled (or not handled). So not only will I be showing pretty girls kicking butt, you will also get some firsthand opinions on stuff you think is "girl power" or isn't. Issues like gender roles, equality, stereotypes, and social commentary will be discussed. And you'll see some nice pictures too. I think Lavender Ranger did a girl power week--and I hope mine will be just as good as his.

Controversy Week: Controversial Issues within tokusatsu and within the fandom will be discussed. With regards to tokusatsu: violence, LBGTQ issues, adaptation controversy, when real life influences the show, actor controversy, and an important issue none of us have yet to truly discuss (which will be a surprise). Fandom controversy: fan wars, shipping wars, stereotypes, arguments, etc. This will be a juicy, thought-provoking, yet fun week.

Cast Week: I will focus on some of the actors I think are great (some veterans and some novices). And I might discuss some of the other films they have been in or where are they now. I might discuss each character they played as well if they were in different series. And you might learn something new about former castmembers.

Japan Week: I will focus on how different aspects of Japanese culture appear in tokusatsu, and influence, and provide some insight to some stuff that may seem a bit weird (cough, cough any monster in Kakuranger, cough cough) It will be fun to learn some of this stuff, and it will make your viewing more pleasurable and less of a lost in translation experience.

Comedy Week: I will discuss some of the funniest moments and have some funny articles as well.

Please vote. It will be up for a week only, so vote now. Any comments... questions... feel free to write them below.

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  1. Oh gosh... This is really hard for me to choose, because all of them sound good... :(