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The Pirate Maid: Gokaiger Episode 6 Summary and Review

This time, it's Doc and Luka's turn to buy groceries, but Luka forces Doc to make a little pit stop at the jewelery story from Episode 1.

Luka spots the most amazing and expensive ring. She is about to buy it when Komaki Kasugai, daughter of billionaire Kouzou Kasugai comes in and buys everything in the store--including the beautiful ring Luka wants, pissing Luka off.

Her father comes in and scolds her for being foolish. Luka agrees with her father--money makes the world go round. The father likes Luka's philosiphy and offers her a job working for him, promising the ring she wanted. Luka happily accepts.

Back on the GokaiGalleon, Doc and the rest of the team worry, as Kasugai seems suspicious, except Marvelous, who says that Luka will work them over.

We then see the gaudiest mansion ever. "Welcome home, Master," said Luka, showing off her new maid's uniform. Kasugai shows her all of his treasures. Luka thinks he's a miser. He shows her a golden tree that produces grows gold fruit, which is heavily guarded by lasers. Luka's eyes light up.

 Cut to the Zangyack's GiganHorse. The Zangyack want the tree too, because it will be a constantly reproducing source of finance. Barizorg has recruited action commander Nanonanoda--an infiltration expert with the ability to turn invisible--to steal the gold tree.

"So I get to take care of the tree, right?" asks Luka. "Yes sir!" She says in English. Sadly, she doesn't--instead she has to take care of her new nemesis--Komaki. As she cleans her messy room, she finds a dirty, but cute homemade rabbit doll. She is throws it out, when Komaki comes in her room, and picks the bunny out of the garbage. She kicks her out of her room.

Luka lounges on the couch as she gives her team an update on her Mobirate. She disses the father and daughter, Marvelous grins and says "Coming from you, they must be really bad." While they talk, Doc does a search on the Gokaiger's computer. It turns out Kouzou found a the golden tree in a meteor that crashed in his lawn. But before that, they were dirt poor.

"Poor?" Luka asks.

Nanonanoda infiltrates the gaudy mansion, and uses his ability to see the lasers. He crawls through them, to reach the gold tree. Komaki comes upon him, but decides not to alert her father. Luka walks past the room, and sees what's going on. Nanonanoda is distracted, and falls through the lasers, and is injured. Luka yanks Komaki out of the mansion, into the front yard, where Nanonanoda catches up with them.

All Kouzou seems to be worried about is the tree. Nanonanoda decides to attack him, however, Luka blocks him. She will only fight him if Kouzou pays her. They haggle on a price, as Luka threatens him with Nanonanoda's. He finally decides on a million yen. Luka happily obliges.

She transforms into Gokaiyellow, and fights him first as Gokaiyellow.

Then as Vul Panther.

Then as Boukenyellow she uses Boukenyellow's Bucket Scoopers to punch the action commander into the sky, defeating him for now.

She later confronts Komaki about how she didn't stop the tree from being stolen. Komaki said she has been purposely trying to lose all her father's money by buying the whole jewelery store, and making many other reckless purchases. She tells her that they were happier when they were poor.

A flashback shows Kouzou giving Komaki a homemade stuffed bunny. He apologizes that he couldn't buy anything, and had to make a present, and that it isn't fancy or anything, but she doesn't care and thinks it's the best present ever, and hugs him.

Luka says she's stupid, and says that money is the most important thing. (Sadly, Luka's Gordon Gecko philosophy is right in today's world)

The rest of the Gokaigers are asleep as Luka throws darts at a drawing she did of Komaki. She remembers her past. She was dirt poor and giving bread to some dickinsonian street urchins. She appologizes that it isn't enough, and a tear falls out of her eye.

Joe comes in. He asks if she's not sleeping because she was excited about being paid to beat up an action commander. "What kind of person do you think I am?" she asks, with a flirty smile. Joe says it's okay, because of what she told him before. She's been obsessed with money because of a dream she has that she needs it for. He asks her what it is. Luka says she can't tell him or it won't come true.

He goes back to bed. Luka is about to throw another dart, but she decides not to.

The next day, Nanonanoda and some Gormin burn the mansion in order to sneak in during the fire to get the gold tree.

Navi awakes, sensing the Zangyack attacking the mansion.

Marvelous looks at Luka. She nods.

They go to the mansion. Luka goes inside to save the family, while the rest of them transform. Joe duels with Nanonanoda, and chastises him for setting the mansion on fire--because the gold tree would melt! Nanonanoda realizes he screwed up majorly.

Luka goes to save the father and daughter. Komaki tries to go into the fire to get something important to her. Kouzou thinks its the tree, and gives Luka a check for ten million yen-- I think-- to get it.

She promises Komaki she will get it. They leave and she transforms into Gokaiyellow, and then into GoYellow. She uses her Go-Blaster to extinguish the flames in her path, and goes to retrieve the most important thing.

The Gokaigers turn into JAKQ to defeat the Gormin. They use their final attack, the JAKQ hurricane on Nanonanoda.

Luka comes out of the fire, and gives them the most important thing--Komaki's slightly charred stuffed bunny. Kouzou is upset she didn't get the tree, but Komaki tells her father why the bunny is important. The tree melts inside, but they probably won't care. The father and daughter hug. Luka can't deal with this cheesy stuff, and turns into Yellow Racer, and speeds to her team-mates.

She uses Yellow Racer's speed (all Carrangers have that) attack him. They turn back into their Gokaiger forms, and Luka uses her two sword attack on the action commander. The Gokaigers use the final wave against him, defeating him.

But of course, Insarn revives him, and they defeat him with DekaGokaiOh, blasting him into space with the Gokai Full Burst attack.

Kouzou and Komaki smile after seeing the the action commander defeated. Komaki pulls a piece of paper out of the stuffed bunny. It's the check her father gave Luka. She gave it back again so they can start their lives over.

The Gokaigers walk back home. Ahim remarks on how generous Miss Luka is. Joe remarks that Luka working free is a rarity.

"Working for free?"

Luka shows them her hand--it's the ring she wanted. She managed to get it while she was saving the bunny.

"I see..." says Marvelous, grinning.

"Luka is still Luka," pouts Don.

My thoughts:

It was a nice character development episode--I love the ending. It's nice to see an anti-heroine who doesn't reform, and become completely good at the end of the episode. After all, she's a pirate.

The combination of green screen effects and lighting during the fire scene annoyed me a bit. The lighting was good, when they showed the close-ups, but the fake fire was annoying.

It was a nice change of pace to see a silly Monster of the Week, however, he didn't slow the pace of the show down, or take anything away from it. I like the scene with him going over the lasers, and then Komaki comes upon the sight of him--and without the lasers, it looks like he's doing some kind of messed up break dance. And then he sets the house on fire--without realizing that the tree will melt!

A tree that produces gold? We need that.

Clearly, the millionare needs to learn a lesson about fashion. Golden glasses and chains, really? And the mansion was the gaudiest thing ever. It cracked me up so much.

Luka in a maid's outfit. Speechless.

Mao Ichimichi is a great actress--the whole cast is. They really can embody their character's traits and personalities nicely.

Yay, an untransformed fighting scene! I love those. Once again, great fight scenes. I liked Luka as Vul Panther, and making the cat noises, and then scratching the Monster of the Week's face.

I loved seeing the Gokaigers as JAKQ, but I was upset Luka didn't get to transform into Big One. But still, it was amazing. Doc used Clover King's blunt way of attacking nicely. I can't wait until they use their cyborg powers (hopefully they will) and weapons--JAKQ has the coolest weapons. Dia Jack's sword will befit Joe nicely, and I would love to hear Ahim say "Would you like another?"

So far Marvelous, Joe, and Luka act like pirates, and I like that, while Doc and Ahim are nicer and care about people, which I like as well.

Interesting back story. Let me guess, Luka wants money to help the street urchins. COME ON! Hope there's more to that. As well, it will clash with Ahim's upbringing. The Princess and the Pauper.

Luka has usurped Gaku and Houji of the user of gratuitous English. I really hope Kei Horie comes back! He's one of my all-time favorite sentai actors! But Kakeru's actor is coming back.

The puns in this episode were great! See, that's how you do a pun!

Next week, one of my favorite Red Warriors, Jan comes back. And so does Master Xia Fu. Although I don't think a triangle applies to a team of five. Doc and Ahim development. And we get to see Sun Vulcan and Red, Blue, and Yellow as the Gaorangers. I wonder if Joe will scream "Neva Geeva!" and Luka will say "God-dammu!"

I'm sensing chemistry between Ahim and Joe, and Ahim and Doc, and Joe and Luka, and a tiny bit between Marvelous and Luka. I think Ahim and Doc decide to train because they are newest to the pirating thing. I also think Luka and Joe might have chemistry because they've known each other longer.

I like Doc and Ahim's training garb.

Hopefully, Doc will be even more confident after this episode.

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