Monday, April 4, 2011

(Insert phrase that Jan says here) Blog Post: Gokaiger Episode 7

Just so you know, Jannish is the expressions and words Jan will say in Gekiranger, like Nikiniki! But they all mean something

Great episode. Nice focus. Nice fight scenes. Nice interaction. Nice humor. Nice cameos.

Marvelous plays darts, and Joe does sit-ups, while Don and Ahim set up either breakfast or lunch.

However, Luka needs Don's help, because the computer is freezing, and pulls him away. Don asks Marvelous for help, but Marvelous instead picks up one of the little hot dogs in Don's pan with a dart and eats it.

Marvelous asks Navi for another prophecy, and Navi gives herself a concussion, and tells them in her trance to "find the tiger's kid".

Aboard the Giganhorse, a new action commander, Pachacamac XIII, a master of Kenpo (Japanese term for Kung Fu), from a long line of Masters. Sound familiar? His father Pachacamac XII was in Gekiranger Vs. Boukenger. Anyway, Oiles Gil's only gripe is that his name is too long, and keeps on mispronouncing it.

The Gokaigers try to find the tiger child. Marvelous goes into a tiger cage at a zoo, and asks the tiger where his kid is, in true Marvelous style, against the protests of the guard.

Don and Ahim find a guy in a tiger mascot suit, and when they see a kid walk up to him, they assume this is the tiger's kid, and a mother quickly takes her child away from the two.

Joe and Luka go into a clothing store for some reason... and a crazy sales lady dresses Joe in animal print.

Cut to a slightly pissed off and catatonic Joe clad in animal print. Ahim is trying to get him out of his trance. They've come up dry. Then they see a cute little kittie cat. Luka says that maybe Navi meant a tiger's cat, and not a tiger's kid. Joe pulls off his leopard print headscarf and uses it to lure the cat to them--however, you guessed it, Pachacamac attacks.

The Gokaigers transform and fight off the Gormin. Don and Ahim decide to fight Pachacamac, but fail. He uses his other ability, magnetic fist, which causes him to attract the Gokaiger's weapons, and pull them out of their hands. (Would you like another, Gokaigers?)

So now they're weaponless. However, it doesn't discourage Red, Blue, and Yellow, as there is more than one way to fight. So, they turn into Gaored, yellow, and blue, and use the Gaoranger's individual attack styles.

Don and Ahim watch, disappointed, that they cannot do hand-to-hand combat like their team-mates. They think they aren't strong enough.

Pachacamac leaves for now. Red, Blue, and Yellow go back to searching.

Don and Ahim walk, and discuss how discouraged they are, and wish they were stronger. They come upon a man in black and red, with a gold ball around his neck and ---holy crap it's JAN!!!

Jan is teaching kids kenpo. Ahim walks up to him. Jan seems to know who they are. "Aren't you?" he asks, but Ahim asks him if she could take his class so she can be stronger.

She tells Don that if she trains as hard as Joe with his swords, then she will be as strong as him.

Jan accepts. He asks Don if he wants to join the class as well, and Don says that he isn't good at kenpo, and says he has to make dinner, and runs away, tripping on the stairs. He watches Ahim train, and leaves.

Later on the ship, Marvelous presents Navi with the cat. Marvelous says it's the tiger's cat. Navi says she didn't say tiger's cat. She said tiger's kid. The cat pushes over, and licks Navi.

Marvelous asks who said that it was the tiger's cat. Luka looks away, innocently. Marvelous takes the cat back.

During this exchange, Ahim has been drifting in and out of sleep. She accidentally bangs her head on the table. She says she's been training so hard, and Luka helps her go to bed early.

With the girls out of the room, Joe says that it isn't like the prim and proper Ahim to be falling asleep. Don voices his concern that Ahim's body can't handle the training. By just training in kung fu, she can never be as strong as Joe. He says both he and Ahim's bodies aren't cut out for it, and they aren't naturally fit like Marvelous and Luka, who Don says don't have to train, or have to do anything. "They don't do anything, huh?" says Joe, slyly.

Back on the Giganhorse, Oils Gil once again mispronounces Pachacamac's name, and is upset that he couldn't defeat the Gokaigers, and had to leave. Insarn says that she's interested in Pachacamac's abilities, and can maybe give him an upgrade.

Don looks at the beautiful night sky in the crow's nest. Luka comes upon him in her domain, and does her nightly ritual: she counts ten shooting stars, something really hard to do, each night before going to bed to keep her senses up.


Don goes downstairs, and finds the bracelet that Marvelous wears on the ship whenever he throws darts. He struggles to pick it up, because it is extremely heavy, and can barely keep his arm up. He tries to throw a dart, but it lands on the ground.

The next day, Ahim is making some progress in Jan's class. Jan senses something, and he turns around to see Don in kung fu garb. Don asks Jan if he can be in his class. Jan says he thought Don said he couldn't do Kung Fu. Don says he has to learn it  because if he doesn't do something, he'll be weak, and will be behind the others, but if he tries it, there still is time to change.

Jan breaks his stoic instructor facade, and puts his arms around Don and Ahim and says that training with them will be a nikiniki kind of wakiwaki.

"Nikiniki?" asks Don.

"Wakiwaki?" asks Ahim.

The rest of the team continue their search for the Tiger's Kid. However, Pachacamac attacks them. They transform. Pachacamac uses his magnetic fist technique, however, the Gokaigers hold on to their weapons this time. They become Sun Vulcan, and fight.

Ahim's Mobirate goes off. Navi tells them that the rest of the team is fighting the Zangyack.

Ahim and Don tell Jan they have to leave, and are sorry, but they promise they'll go back to the class as soon as they're done.

Jan tells them they don't need to train anymore. He has nothing left to teach them. Jan tells them they can train anywhere they are.

Ahim asks Jan if he can tell them his name. Jan says he is Jan, Kandou Jan, the son of a tiger.

"The kid of a tiger?" exclaim Ahim and Don.

One of the students says that Jan was raised by tigers, and was Gekired. Jan tells them to get going, their friends are waiting for them, and they see Gekired appear over Jan.

They leave, and the student asks if they will be okay. "Of course they will," says Jan, "they are Super Sentai!"

The team, as Sun Vulcan use the Sun Vulcan's personal attacks and style against Pachacamac. However, Pachacamac uses a new attack against them, knocking them out. GokaiGreen and GokaiPink appear, and use kung fu, dodging Pachacamac's upgraded arms. However, they are still no match, but they will never give up, and will defeat him.

They tell their teammates that they should use kung fu to counter kung fu, and the team becomes the Gekirangers. They fight without weapons, using kung fu, with Green and Pink leading the way.

They then do the final wave, using their Gokai Guns, defeating him. Of course, Insarn revives him, and they form GokaiOh, and use their cannonball attack, however Pachacamac dodges them.

Don suggests they use the Gekiranger keys. Luka asks when they started glowing.

Don and Ahim said that they found the tiger's kid.

They use their Gekiranger keys, and the GekiBeasts are released from Gokaioh, defeating Pachacamac for good.

Jan watches happily as Gokaioh wins. Master Xia Fu asks if he is sure about the Gokaigers, asking if there is more that he could have taught them. Jan says maybe, but they will be able to do it on their own, and that they have done a good job of inheriting their spirit, and it is Zun-Zun. Together, they ring the infamous triangle. Jan says he better train if HE wants to keep up.

Back on the GokaiGalleon, Don and Ahim set up dinner.

Luka tries to pull Don to help her with the screen, but Don tells her to do it herself, and pwns her. Don asks Marvelous to take the hot dogs to the table. Marvelous tries to eat one with a dart, but Don blocks him, and pwns him.

Ahim tells Marvelous to think of it as training. Marvelous then burns his hand on the hot pan.

Next episode Navi is missing? And it looks like the Zangyack are going to find intel on the Gokaigers, with THREE MOW???

We see Joe, Luka, and Ahim's past. Joe as a member of the Zangyack, Ahim as a princess in a beautiful dress, and Luka kicking a Gormin's ass as a street urchin in a not so pretty dress.

My thoughts:

Yay, character development. Beautifully done.

I like seeing how Jan has matured, but still acts like Jan, and speaking Jannish! And how he is now the master now. And Xiao Fu is so cute...

Marvelous has TIGER BLOOD! WINNING! Him going into the tiger cage and demanding the tiger's kid is hillarious.

Joe, poor Joe, great development, the wisest on the ship (well, next to Don). When I mean poor Joe, I mean funny things keep happening to him, and he looks literally like a cat lady!

Where can I get Ahim's workout clothes.

Ahim is a nice princess.

I like how Marvelous and Luka each have their own ways of training. This episode shows that you aren't born with strength, but you have the ability to learn it.

Of course, Don and Ahim have a long way to go, as Jan pointed out.

Oils Gil cracks me up. And he keeps on mispronouncing Pachacamac's name.

Pachacamac looks so cool. His name is Mayan or Incan, by the way. Nice way of incorporating villains from the past. I would have liked to see him seek vengeance because the sentai did kill his father.

Navi is so cute. Navi's process of giving herself a concussion in order to get prophecies reminds me of how in ancient Greece, oracles use to get drunk in order to give prophecies.

The Gokaiger's computer keeps freezing? They should have gotten a mac!

And of course, excellent fight scenes!

The hot dogs! I actually saw a commercial with Ryota Ozawa advertising Gokaiger wieners. How many innuendos do you think I can make with this?


  1. I definitely like mature Jan much better. I also think Ahim looked really cute with her hair pinned back. Don on the other hand is kinda frustraiting me. So far he's the only Gokaiger character that I don't like. He feels like a rip-off of Sion, except much more cowardly. I hope he changes soon. I also was slightly disappointed that the Gekiranger theme song wasn't played during the fight scene. It's a descent episode, but I hope that Ahim will get a focus episode where she's the only one receiving the focus, soon.

  2. @ Mr. Smith. Other than the hair, I don't see any Sion in Don. Sion was a free spirit, and not neurotic like Don. I want to see Luka and Ahim get into a fight, due to their different origins. The Pauper vs The Princess.

  3. That would be a fight I would pay for front row tickets at hehe :P

  4. Just so you know, they will transform to Denziman and Goggle V next. For the last part... I AM FRIGGING HYPED.

  5. Used your screencaps for my review if you don't mind. :D