Friday, April 22, 2011

My Fan Fiction. Tell Me What You Think.

A few months ago, I got a (or as one of my friends to it, the pit) account under the name bushido girl. I've written three stories, two of them are completed.

The morning after is the semi-autobiographical account of the morning after a party, where I woke up, hung-over, wearing a suit, and had sand in my pants. Supposedly I blacked out when I smoked a hookah.... someone must have put something in there. Okay, it's not semi-autobiographical, but its funny! Anyway, I might write a sequel. I was inspired when Urataros possessed Natsumi, I think, in Decade. He says something like, "I don't possess girls that much, but this will do." I wonder if he just doesn't possess Ryotaro.

Read it here!

Dreaming Shinkenger was kind of the preview for my in progress fic. On Valentine's Day there were a crap load of Takeru and Mako getting married fics, and since I hadn't finished my fic, which focuses on Takeru and Kotoha, I decided to upload this little fic that's a homage to the ending scene from The Graduate. Read Dreaming, Shinkenger here. Just so you know, hintity hint hint, Mako is possessed by Dayu in my Wedding fic, hopefully it was hinted upon well enough.

 My latest fic that is still in progress is called The Wedding, which can be hinted about in Dreaming, Shinkenger. I don't want to summarize it, I want you to read it. I'm at chapter six, where Takeru and Kotoha are kind of in a relationship, but something's going to happen that will change them forever.

I got an idea this week about doing a Gokaiger crossover. One of my favorite toku actors is Yutaka Hirose aka.

Ley Wanda from Flashman

Dr. Kemp from Liveman

Tranza from Jetman

And Jin from Dairanger.

So, what if all of these guys were related? (which doesn't make a lot of sense, because Ley Wanda is the genetic amalgamation of four lesser space beings, and Tranza is some multidimensional being. But I'll find a way to make it all fit) And what if the youngest brother, or cousin (around the same age as the Gokaigers) wants vengeance. So he takes on these forms, and the Gokaigers fight as the Flashman, Liveman, Jetman, and Dairanger. He decides to revive his brothers or whatever they are, which doesn't work that great because Jin was more of an anti-hero than a villain, and although Kemp was loyal to Bias and did horrible things, his soul ended up leading the revolt against Bias, destroying him. So he ultimately did what was right in the end, and Yuusuke was later at his grave. Oh, and it definitely does not help that the real Tranza is in a catatonic state similar to Jack Nicholson at the end of One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. So somehow, clones are involved, Ahim defeats Ley Wanda as Red Flash, Joe as Red Falcon, and the Revived Kemp defeat the Demon Beast Kemp clone side by side, Doc as Red Hawk defeats Tranza, Luka as RyuuRanger and Jin side-by-side defeat the Demon Boxer clone, and Marvelous as GokaiRed defeats the Youngest Brother.

What do you think of the pairrings (not the romantic ones, the duels)? Ahim in Flashman, Joe in Liveman, Doc in Jetman, and Luka in Dairanger. Ahim fits nicely with Flashman because she's a girl who lost her family too. Joe with Liveman because he had a falling out with his swordmaster (hmm... I wonder who it is cough cough, Barizorg), Don with Jetman (I originally thought that it would be Don in Liveman because they were all intelligent, and Joe in Jetman because they were militaristic and serious, but Don's more of a do-gooder, like the Jetman, and the themes in Liveman fit with Joe). Luka would have some good chemistry with Jin, who initially assassinated for money, but didn't care towards the end. It also seemed he loved the fight as much as Luka loved treasure.

So what do you guys think? Let me know!

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