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Where in the World is Navi Sandiego: Gokaiger Episode 8

We join our heroes fighting some giant Sugormin using Gokaioh. The team is getting pretty sick of it. They use MagiGokaiOh to finish them off.

On the Chariot Horse, Oils Gil has a hissy fit, and leaves with Barizorg to find the next Action Commander, leaving Damaras and Insarn alone. They look through the Gokaiger's wanted posters, and give a little bit about each of their pasts.

Marvelous was the only surviving member of the red pirates, a group of rebels.

Joe was once a member of the imperial force.

Ahim (whose bounty is higher than Luka, because she's royalty) Was the princess of planet Ahim, and was thought to be dead with the rest of her family when the planet was blown off.

Luka has become a thorn in the Zangyack's side, after stealing energy crystals from the Zangyack, and then becoming a Gokaiger.

And Doc... well... they don't care about Doc.

Insarn and Damaras send the Sneak brothers, the younger one the bigger one, and the older one the smaller one, to spy on the Gokaigers, to figure out why they are on Earth and what they are looking for. Oh, and they let word get out to Oils Gil about this.

On the Gokaigalleon, Doc and Ahim set the table for lunch. Marvelous and Luka play catch with a baseball, and complain about how the Zangyack are always attacking them. Luka says it is partly their fault for fighting with them. Marvelous hits Doc with the baseball, and then throws the bat at him, hitting him on his head. Doc is not amused.

The Sneak Brothers prepare to part ways, looks like they'll miss each other. They bid a teary farewell. The younger one throws his brother at the GokaiGalleon, but he lands in the water, after many attempts, the Older Brother lands on the Crow's nest.

He observes the Gokaiger's eating lunch. Doc lectures the team about how they have only unlocked three out of thirty four of the Super Sentai's power. The older brother finds out that they are on Earth to look for the greatest treasure in the universe.

It looks like Joe has spotted the intruder, however, he just wants to do push-ups, feeling he hasn't done enough. The team eats their lunch.

Back on the Chariot Horse, Damaras and Insarn have found out about the reason why the Gokaigers are staying on Earth--to unlock the full potential of their Sentai powers. Damaras orders the Sneak Brothers to find out how they locate the power.

The Gokaigers have finished their meal. Marvelous says it's time to tap into their next set of powers, and asks Navi to give them the next prophecy--but Navi isn't there.

The Gokaigers proceed to look for Navi around the ship, and the older Sneak brother has a few close calls.

He hides on various parts of the ship as the Gokaigers search for Navi.

They are unsuccessful, and the older Sneak Brother found the perfect hiding space--inside a hanging heart thingy.

The Gokaigers now think Navi has run away, shift the blame on each other. Luka says its Marvelous's fault because he always calls Navi a bird when she tells him not to. Marvelous quickly denies this and shifts the blame to Ahim who spilled tea on Navi. Ahim then says its Doc's fault because he used her as a pillow. They argue.

Navi appears on the control panel, next to Luka, dressed in a little Hawaiian shirt, a small straw hat, and some mini-sunglasses. Navi asks what's going on. Luka says they are looking for Navi. Luka says "Navi, have you seen Navi?" Navi says no, and Luka realizes that Navi's right next to her, and the other Gokaigers stop arguing and notice too.

Navi says that she went outside to get some sun, and ran into some schoolgirls who thought she was cute, and dressed her up. The Gokaigers are pissed.

Navi is now tied to a rope, hanging on the ceiling. She gives herself a concussion and reveals that "a fateful meeting awaits them in an island in the sky."

The older Sneak brother reveals himself. Joe takes the baseball bat the Gokaigers were using earlier, and knocks the older Sneak brother out of the GokaiGalleon. He is reunited with his younger brother.

The Gokaigers battle them for spying on them. First as themselves, then as the Gaorangers, then as the Denjiman, and finish the Sneak Brothers off as Goggle V with their ribbon attack, and them as themselves, using the Gokaisabre for the final wave.

Insarn it's a shame, because she liked the Sneak Brothers. She enlarges them. The Gokaigers form Gokaioh, and use a mecha-sized version of the Gokai Bat, and knock the older Sneak brother out of the earth's atmosphere. The younger brother is distraught, and seeks vengeance. The Gokaigers form DekaGokaiOh and finish him with Gokai Full Blast.

Insarn is upset, and Damaras says that at least they now know what they're after, and that they won't find it so easily next time.

Back on the GokaiGalleon, the Gokaigers discuss the current situation. The Zangyack now know what they are looking for, and will try to stop them. Joe says that they have to get to the power before they do. Luka asks how the hell will they find an island in the sky. Marvelous says that they'll circle the planet a few times to find it, to his teammates' dismay. The GokaiGalleon raises its anchors, and sets sail.

Next week, the episode is called the lion's stampede or Shishi Kakeru---get it? The Gokaigers will not only be turning into the Gaorangers, but also into the Turborangers, and Jetman.

Kakeru's, or I should say Dr. Shishi, is back to being a veterinarian. The Gokaigers have found the floating island, and GaoLion. Dr. Kakeru tells them that they can't have the lion's powers. Marvelous, Joe, and Luka are pissed, and once again Doc and Ahim bond with the past Sentai. Looks like they're the Gokaiger's diplomats. It also looks like Ahim injures herself while fighting, as Kakeru is putting a bandage around her ankle.

Great episode, a nice comedic episode for a change. This would classify as a filler episode, however, there is an important plot change for the villains. We now know that both Damaras and Insarn have been insubordinate to Oils Gil. We also know that they will be increasing manpower, and making it harder for the Gokaigers to get their treasure.

We saw more glimpses of each of their pasts. I liked the fact they didn't reveal too much, and they'll gradually reveal more throughout the series.

Great fight scenes. I liked it when Doc tricked the Gormin, and how Doc and Ahim used the Gaoranger's individual powers.

It was nice to see a modern version of the Denjiman's attack, using upgraded special effects.

I was cracking up throughout the whole episode. Especially when Luka bites into the older Sneak brother, and when she asks Navi where Navi is. The part when the younger Sneak brother kept on trying to throw the older Sneak brother is hilarious, especially when the Gormin get bored.

Doc is getting some balls, finally (and sadly gets hit by one as well--okay, that's the grossest pun I ever made)

I liked the two brothers, and how close they were to each other.

Navi looked so cute in her little Hawaiian tourist outfit. 

Can't wait until next week. Just so you guys know, here is some clarification on the GaoGokaioh, some people have said, due to the design, that the girls will be shafted because their mecha isn't in it. They won't be, they'll still be in the cockpit. This kind of stuff has happened before.

Also, like I said above, Ahim's bounty is higher than Luka not because she's a better fighter, or pirate, its because she's royalty, and she was supposed to die with her family. Luka's poorer than Ahim and the Zangyack probably don't know that much about her past, so that's why her bounty is lower.

What did you think of the episode? Feel free to comment below!

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  1. This is a funny episode. Also nice touch that Marvelous quotes the Goggle V ending "Stop The Battle" just as a Pre-Mortem One Liner for the monster of the week.

    And of course, this MOTW is pretty fun for being what they are, and having Hiyama Nobuyuki as one of the VAs.

    Great ep.