Sunday, January 2, 2011

Ship Tease in Sentai

Okay, here we go.

Ship tease is different from cannon ships, as there is no evidence if they get together or advance on their feelings, but there is strong evidence that there might be more between them than just friendship.

The follow are the ones that I could find pictures for, but there's much more than this.

Gai and Ako: Black Condor and Blue Swallow

They were the two more relatable Jetmen. Both were more average than the others. And they both were smart, witty, and more lazy than the others. Also, the fake wedding episode really argues for them. Sadly, Gai preferred Kaori, and then he died. The end.

Ryou and Lin, Lin and Kou

Okay, although Lin was younger than the rest, she and Ryuu were both members of the Dai tribe, therefore, there was a greater connection between them. As well, there is a hint in the finale that Lin married Kou, although that is only hint. But she did come a long way from despising him after he lifted up her skirt.

Sasuke and Tsuruhime

Tsuruhime was a skilled warrior, despite still being a teenager, and was ready to fight, and Sasuke was a brash freeter who just realized his power. But there did seem to be some chemistry between the two.


There are a load of ship teases

We have Kakeru and Sae, who were together a lot, Shirogane and Sae, during a few episodes, after which during the finale, they were supposed to travel together, but they didn’t, Shirogane and Tetomu, and the most interesting one, Tetomu and Gaku, although this is what the rest of the team thought when Gaku would meet with Tetomu late at night in one episode. As he was the first he chose. There are also some interesting slash pairings, which I will discuss later.

Nananmi and Isshuu

Okay, although they were rivals, they eventually allies, and Isshuu discovered he had feelings for Nanami, and eventually, Nanami realized she had feelings for him. Their relationship was just beginning to blossom in Abaranger Vs. Hurricanger.

Jasmine’s Teases

Although Umeko was more flirty, she ended up in a monogamous relationship with the eccentric Sen-chan. The more reserved Jasmine didn’t end up with anyone, but there were lots of hints. Originally, fans thought Jasmine would be with Ban because they shared the same vehicle, and were kind of partners, however Ban and Mari became a couple after the movie. Then, the serious Hoji’s personality fit well with Jasmine, and there was hinted at something more than a partnership, considering their history together, and the fact they were originally in a combi together, however, enter Teresa (who becomes a nun at the end of her episode, haha, hmm… I wonder why her name’s Teresa), and Hoji’s hung up over her. So, we have Jasmine and Tetsu left, which makes sense. They have some chemistry, and Tetsu ended up being her partner after Ban left, and Tetsu dressed as a woman to save Jasmine in the Vs. with Magiranger.

Houka and Hikaru

There were teases between Houka and Hikaru, to keep the suspense of who Hikaru would end up with, because that would be the only inner-team romance that would be acceptable.

Natsuki and Masumi

There were hints dropped throughout the series, and they were partners, but Masumi’s actor has maintained that Masumi watches over Natsuki like she’s his little sister (although, based off of her birthdate, she’s older than Masumi)

Ran’s teases

Ran had some moments with Red and Blue, but probably her ship with Ken is the most interesting. He may have been overly flirtatious, but he might have had a thing for Ran, but that might have been the fact that he loved women more than Gai from Jetman.


Okay, first there were hints between Saki and Sousuke, but then Miu came in, and there were hints between them, Poor Saki. But there is Saki and Gunpei, Hanto, and some fans like to pair Saki with Hiroto, but all in all, nothing really happened.


Man, I’m gonna have to do another post for this.

We have a triangle between Mako, Kotoha, and Takeru, another between Mako, Kotoha and Chiaki, another between Takeru, Kotoha, and Chiaki, some teases for Mako and Ryunosuke in one of the episodes, some teases for Kotoha and Genta, and finally, Genta and Kaoru. This was the first big shipping war, I think, although this is the time I started getting into Tokusatsu. I’m an avid Takeru and Kotoha shipper. People will pull the wedding episode as the reason why Takeru and Mako should be together, but this actually hints at Kotoha having feelings for Takeru. Chiaki and Kotoha were more like comrades, as the two youngest Shinkenger, and I think like Kotoha admired Takeru, Chiaki admired Kotoha, due to the fact that she could kick his ass, despite being the youngest. Kotoha’s admiration for Takeru turned into something more, though, as the series progressed, and Mako’s interactions with him were more motherly than anything else.


Finally, we have Alata and Eri (Eri admitted to herself that she had feelings for him) and Hyde and Moune, between which there is a lot of tension, but they do spend a lot of time together.

That’s it for now. Stay tuned further discussion of Shinkenger Ships and some Slash Ships (yeah, I’m going there)


  1. Did Eri really admit to feelings for Alata? It was never picked up on again, and then episode 20 established that she doesn't know what "love" is. Going by Japanese fansites, there's also a following for Alata/Moune, Moune/Agri, and Hyde/Eri

    I think the first major 'ship war was in Maskman, where a lot of fans prefer Takeru/Momoko to the canon Takeru/Ial. But it seems to be a bigger thing amongst Filipino fans

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    3. Moune and Agri are siblings just in megaforce the couples are red and pink also black and yellow doesn't mean that Goseiger is doing that

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  3. Also, is there really ship tease between Kaoru and Genta? I think the fans kinda ran with that one. There's a difference between explicit ship tease (e.g. Miu thinking of Sousuke when asked if she's ever liked a guy) and fans making it up ("Genta said Kaoru was nice" or "Takeru stood next to Momoko")

    On another note, might you one day do a post on shipping in Kamen Rider or Ultraman? Or the way that most Vs Specials hint at an inter-team romance - Gunpei hitting on Kotoha, Umeko having a crush on AbareKiller, etc.

  4. Hey, I wrote shipping posts about Shinkenger and Dekaranger too.

    Still, I do not believe much about shipping Tetsu and Jasmine just because of the Magi vs Deka, because just because Hikaru is Urara's future bridegroom, doesn't mean Tetsu would be one for Jasmine too. The reason why they save those two was not because of shipping reasons, but because they're the best people for the job (Tetsu's experience as a cross-dresser and Hikaru's physique fitting). Plus why does everyone think that DekaBright doesn't exist?

    Also I think after that incident with Teresa, Houji never brought her up again, which means he became open once again. And since his other pair (which is... Ban) is taken, and his history with Jasmine considered... well, I'll stop now.

    Great post, BTW.

  5. Weren't Hikaru and Urara already married by that point?

    I prefer not to think about Magiranger vs Dekaranger anyway because of the hairstyles. Why not do a post on the awful "Vs Hair" that some teams have when they return a year later for the crossover! ;)

  6. @Charley Hikaru and Urara weren't married at that point. Magiranger vs Dekaranger happens midseries. I actually kind of like Jasmine's hair. Usually the girls will cut their hair before the vs to looks older. Thanks for all your comments.

    @ChrisX thanks. I think DekaBright was older than Tetsu, and once something that detrimental happens to a guy like what happened to Houji, it takes a while to heal--although this is TV, and usually people move from one love to the next.

  7. My favorite teases here are:

    Gai and Ako
    Isshu and Nanami
    Tetsu and Jasmine
    Takeru and Mako

  8. @Sean, Takeru/Kotoha shippers and Takeru/Mako shippers are like the Sharks and the Jets. Cue the music! I like Takeru and Kotoha together, as you already know. I wonder if Gai and Ako would secretly meet up while the rest of the stuff was going on. Poor Ako, everyone loved Kaori, but not her (then again, she was still a high schooler). What do you think about Goukaiger? Even if it hasn't premiered yet, Goukaiyellow sounds a lot like Jasmine, and Sakura, so I'm hoping for once, a red and yellow get together. I heard Pink is supposed to be a Princess, so come on, not another everyone loves Kaori.

  9. @ThatChick- I liked Ako better than Kaori because I once had a crush who looks like her, but sadly she rejected me. Now she's dating my friend who can be like Gai Yuuki a lot.

  10. Ryu and kaori
    Goro and juri
    Sen chan and umeko
    Hikaru and urara
    Akashi and Sakura
    Mako and takeru
    Eri and alata
    Marvelous and ahim