Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Canon Ships In Super Sentai

These are part of my series on romance in Sentai. First there are canon ships, romances that are confirmed and part of the series.

Gorou and Karen: Spade Ace and Heart Queen

Gorou saved Karen’s life in the first episode. Their mild flirtation evolved into something more as the series progressed.

Hiryu and Sayaka: ChangeDragon and ChangeMermaid.

(Couldn't find a good picture)

It is hinted they both have crushes on each other. Hiryu will trust Sayaka even when the others don’t.

Takeru and Mio: Red Mask and Iel.

This is a romance that stood through the trials of both the characters, and even though Mio was a member of and spy for the tube Takeru accepted her, and the reason Mio turned on the tube was because she fell in love for Takeru. Takeru’s love for Mio was a driving force. Sadly, it was a bittersweet ending, but they might end up together again.

Ryu and Kaori: Red Hawk and White Swan.

Kaori might have fallen for the bad boy Gai at first, maybe because he was something different, and Ryu might have been nursing his romantic wounds caused by Rie/Maria, but they ultimately let go and ended up together. Both Gai and Rie gave them their blessings.

Raita and Satsuki

Raita had a crush on her since he was a kid, and ultimately, they end up together and run the farm together. According to the manga, they have a baby.

Kyousuke and Zonnette

Although Zonnette originally loved Red Racer and not the man behind the mask, she grew to love Kyousuke, after Kyousuke proved to her that he was just as good as his alter-ego.

Kouichirou and Chisato: MegaBlack and MegaYellow

Chisato was very forward in her attraction towards Kouichirou and would believe him when no one else would. She would openly flirt with him, and the team would tease them about their little romance.

Shun and Miku: MegaBlue and MegaPink

Even though these two are sought-after by their classmates, they prefer the company of each other.

Tatsuya and Yuuri: TimeRed and TimePink

Although Yuuri was initially cold and preoccupied with vengeance, she eventually fell for Tatsuya, but they couldn’t be together due to the time line. If only they admitted their love sooner.

Domon and Honami

Honami, a photographer and reporter, was the only person to photograph the TimeRangers in their civilian forms. However, she kept it to herself. She fell for Timeyellow because he cheered her up, but assumed that Ayase was Timeyellow after photographing them without their suits. Domon and Honami sent e-mails back and forth, and eventually, Honami found out that Domon was Timeyellow, and was happy. They were a legitimate couple, and they took their relationship to a physical level, as evidenced by the child Honami has named Domon Junior, about nine months after Domon left for the future.

Asuka and Mahoro

This romance stood through their battles, as Mahoro became the evil Jannu. Mahoro eventually returned to the side of good, and they made lots of babies. Are humans from dino-earth hamsters?

Ban and Mari: Dekared and Dekagold

These two hit it off in the movie, and in Magiranger vs. Dekaranger, Ban was asked when he was going to pop the question to Mari. I wish they had more screen time together.

Sen-chan and Umeko: Dekagreen and Dekapink.

Although Umeko is sought after, she eventually ended up with Sen-chan, who loved her since the beginning, but was too shy to admit it. By Magiranger vs. Dekaranger, they are together, although Sen-chan missed their date, which really pissed Umeko off.

Urara and Hikaru: MagiBlue and MagiShine

Either Hikaru would end up with Urara or Houka, but he chose the shy Urara, but was afraid to admit his feelings due to the fact he knew he was going to die. They got married before the final battle, and in the epilogue, Urara lives with him.

Kai and Yamazaki

Kai had a huge crush on her, and Yamazaki had a huge crush on MagiRed, but she eventually realized the Red Magician was Kai.

Makito and Eriko

Although it was eventually a one-sided crush, Eriko fell for Makito.

Tsubasa and Rei

Even though it was for one episode, it was still a very deep romance. However, Rei was already dead, so they couldn’t be together.

Satoru and Sakura: BoukenRed and BoukenPink

Sakura eventually realized she had feelings towards Satoru, and decides to sneak aboard the voyager as Satoru sets forward to space, and it’s a long way to the moon, and she finally calls Satoru by his normal name and not chief.

Okay, that’s it for now, stay tuned for some Ship Tease. 


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  2. Actually, this post reminded me of something. People seem to assume that most canon 'ships are Red/Pink, but are they really? If we take a canon pairing as one where they actually date, get married or explicitly admit feelings for each other, we have:

    Three series (JAKQ, Timeranger, Boukenger) where Red/Pink is canon.

    Seven series (Changeman, Turboranger, Maskman, Zyuranger, Dairanger, Shinkenger, Goseiger) where Red and Pink are not a couple, but are the most popular 'ship in fandom.

    If you count Kaori as a Pink (since she has a lot of pink on her suit, I know there was a dub that called her Pink Swan instead of White) that's still only eleven series where there is Red/Pink in canon or fanon ...

  3. Also:

    GaoBlack had a girlfriend. I can't remember her name but at the end they ran a flower shop together.

    In Gingaman, Saya (GingaPink) and Hyuuga (Black Knight) were a couple

    Riki and Haruna in Turboranger were supposedly dating - they're about as "canon" as Hiryu/Sayaka or Kouichirou/Chisato

    Dan/Ako was canon in Jetman, though Ako didn't really return his feelings until after he was dead.

    You could make a case for Lin/Kou in Dairanger being canon or implied to be canon, the ending suggested they might have got together in the future

  4. Agh, I forgot about Saya and Hyuuga and Gaoblack and his girlfriend. But I'm going to do a post about ship tease, so I'll include most of your suggestions. I get so annoyed with Red/Pink shipping. Like, possibly the biggest conflict came with the infamous Shinkenger shipping wars. I'm a red/yellow shipper, and I'm a huge Takeru/Kotoha fan. What bugs me is that if yellow is a girl, and isn't in a confirmed relationship, she never gets shipped by fans with red, she always gets a subordinate member, even if she has chemistry and actual hints with the red one. Does that mean that pink is the ideal woman? Or that yellow is subordinate to pink (which isn't true at all) and is second fiddle and gets the leftovers? I like red and yellow pairings because yellow is the darkhorse, the underdog.

  5. Was there really a shipping war? As far as I was aware, most fans ship Takeru/Mako, Chiaki/Kotoha and Kaoru/Genta? It bugs me because Ryuunosuke is my fave Shinkenger and he gets overlooked

    You also get stuff like Sousuke and Miu (Go-onger) or Sasuke and Tsuruhime (Kakuranger) where Red's love interest isn't a Pink but basically takes the role of one. I think most Red/Pink ships suck - that's why I like series like Dekaranger and Maskman where the Red and Pink are obviously not going to hook up ;)

  6. There is a large amount of fans who ship Takeru and Kotoha, you just have to find them.

  7. Ship Teases, huh. Personally I didn't get the hint that Riki and Haruna ARE dating. At least not on the level of the Megaranger folks.

    Thanks for the great post and great blog. I think my passion for Tokusatsu gets rekindled this way.

    By the way, are you a troper?

  8. @ChrisX Thank you very much for your nice comments. I'm on TVtropes a lot, but I haven't edited them or commented yet. I like your blog too, by the way.

  9. Ryu is Red HAWK not Falcon. Yuusuke in Liveman was Red Falcon.

  10. @Sean! Agh! I feel like such an idiot. Okay. Changing it now.

  11. The Mahoru/Jannu issue is almost like Maria but she's far luckier.

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  13. It's kinda of mostly been mako and takeru as the actors were rumored to be dating and I also like the idea of hiroto from go onger and mako from shinkeger it's mako and hiroto and marvelous and ahim