Monday, January 10, 2011

A Humiliating Moment in Sentai: I Love you, Man

I Love You, is such a great phrase, and such a great abstract, ambiguous phrase. It can be used in terms of friendship, admiration, family, or romance. However, it can be misinterpreted to Three's Company standards.

Domon is Jack in this scenario. The 21st Century female populace of Japan is Mr. Furley.

Anyway, in an episode I couldn't find the screencaps for, Domon is trying to get ladies for his self-defense class, and hit on them at the same time (he has the libido of Gai from Jetman), and Sion tags along and tells him he loves him. Sion is a wonderful, poetic, young man (humanoid alien) and doesn't understand that saying I Love You can be misinterpreted--by women in 21st Century Japan. So, the women back away, assuming that Domon is Sion's lover. Shame on them for that part.

Domon and Sion: Buddies and Pals for Life!

Once again, the ambiguity of the phrase causes Domon to be embarrassed--and lose out on picking up chicks. But, at the end of the episode, Domon comes to love Sion in the same way that Sion loves him, as super best friends for life! (okay, they didn't say that). This is early in the season, and after that, Domon becomes Sion's big brother figure. Watch this episode, it's early in the series, and it's really good. Also, be like Sion, and tell someone today that you love them, whether they be a friend, a loved one, or a partner, and if people laugh or stare at you (because they either are weirded out, or you told someone of the same sex, and they are homophobes, which is a very bad thing to be) tell them you love them too.

And as my blogging audience I love you too (as a blogging audience, okay, we'll take it one step at a time).

PS: Watch Three's Company as well.

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