Thursday, January 6, 2011

A humiliating Moment in Sentai: Ako-chan Ramen

Part of my series on embarrassing moments for Super Sentai Characters.

We've all have had harmless, but annoying creeps stalk us, but this one tops the cake. 

Tatsuta, A former peer of Ako, is obsessed with two things--Ramen and Her. The Vyram creates a Ramen Monster to create an instant ramen that would cause terror amongst the human race. He comes to Tatsuta, posing as a Ramen God, and asks him, with his vast knowledge of ramen, to create the best ramen ever. Tatsuta uses this as a way to impress Ako and get her to finally like him. Much to Ako's horror, everyone she knows is aware of this commercial, and the ramen is very popular.

So, you have a psycho-stalker airing his commercial nation-wide, two of your, Kaori and Ryuu, friends taunting you about it, and another one of them, Raita, eating loads of them in front of you. Freaking Ramen noodles with your face on it! Oh, and it's causing terror on Earth, but it's your face on Ramen, and everyone thinks it's cute, but it's not. This is the equivalent of Molly Ringwald's embarrassment in Sixteen Candles when Anthony Michael Hall kept on flirting with her, and danced with her in front of Jake Ryan, and pretended they were dating!

And after the whole ordeal, Tatsuta decides to create an even better ramen to impress Ako! Like he didn't learn anything. So Ako beats him up.

Let this be a lesson to you, girls, beware of guys obsessed with instant noodles.

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