Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Den-O Shout-out in Gekiranger Episode?

In Gekiranger Episode 37, Ran's mother expects her to quit the team in order to get married in an arranged marriage. The Gekiboys don't want their captain to leave, especially Ken, who refuses to fight on a team with only men. They plan with Ran to sabotage her interviews with possible suitors, and come dressed up as her past lovers. Retsu is wearing glasses and a suit, and looks a lot like Ryotaro, the protagonist in Kamen Rider Den-o, when he is possessed by Urataros. Gou wears a leather jacket and is reminiscent of Ryotaro when possessed by Momotaros. Ken is wearing a flowy yellow shirt, which reminds me of when Ryotaro is possessed by Kintaros, although when he is possessed by Kintaros, he'll usually wear a yellow robe. Could this be a coincidence? Maybe. However, Gekiranger and Kamen Rider Den-o aired back to back. So this could be a shout-out.

Coincidence? Maybe?


  1. I think it's a shout-out. Gekiranger is also referenced in an episode of the Imagin Anime where they mention the "****-Rangers" whose name they can't say for copyright reasons ;)

  2. I didn't noticed this when it aired, but that's hilarious, it's true! uncanny!