Saturday, January 22, 2011

Goukaiger Character Info Revealed

This is from Jef-fusion, as read from the premiere pamphlet.

This is what's according to pamphlet.

  • Captain Marvelous/GoukaiRed
    The Young Captain of the Pirate Squadron who is always wild and shining.
  • Joe Gibken/GoukaiBlue
    Member of the Pirate Squadron who has a calm deposition and a serious character. In short, the Cool Blue.
  • Luca Millefi/GoukaiYellow
    "A woman who surpasses the men." Though one side of her character is very manly, her other side is sensual (can be translated as "having an interest in the opposite sex").
  • Don Dockoiyer/GoukaiGreen
    An alarmist from the School of Caution who has received the nickname: Hakase (Professor/Doctor), and acts as the team's mechanic.
  • Aim de Famille/GoukaiPink
    Princess who feels that the work of a pirate is unbecoming of her. As such, she is rather clumsy.
Kaizoku Sentai Goukaiger will air on TV Asahi starting February 13.

Thank you to and Aoi Kurenai!

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