Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Gokai Change-Up: My Thoughts on Gokaiger Episode 27

This was possibly one of the best filler episodes. I was cracking up the whole time.

Yay, Flashman, finally!

The rest of the team's reactions were priceless to Luka and Doc's situation. "Yeah, Okay.... WHAAAT????"

I don't know if anyone caught this yet, but apparently, there is a string of stores in Japan that are named after Super Sentai Villainesses. Okay, not in real life, but it was a really nice reference. Farrah Cat, Shelinda, Evil Spirit Princess Venus, Gara, Mazenda. I'm pretty sure there are a lot more within that shot.

So, a lot of people were saying "Oh, this is a shippy episode," on the forum. Okay, do you guys actually watch the episode, or flip through it. Luka said she thought Doc was cool in his own way, but that was pretty much it. I mean, she tries to help him by getting him a date. If she really likes him, she wouldn't do that.

Either than, or Luka was using the fact she's in a guy's body to her advantage.

Of course Doc blew the date. Most awkward moment ever. He should at least kept the hairstyle, if nothing else.

Oh, and the criminals were actually jewelers! Who wanted Luka to work for them.

I love the Final Wave Team-up.

The actors were really good at playing each other. Ironically enough, this time, the girl in the guy's body was manlier (despite the makeover).

Luka reacted the same way I would if I was in this situation--use it to my advantage. Luka was pretty calm about the whole thing.

Except she did tell Doc and Gai (while he was shaking Doc in Luka's body) that if they touch her boobs, they'll die.

Next week!

Gai is one of my favorites! So Psyched!

It looks like Gai is doing what I'd thought he would be doing, flirting with chicks in a bar in the afterlife. Oh, and he's still smoking hot! Did he have work done? Either way he looks great.

I'm looking forward to seeing him back in action!


  1. Personally I'm pleased with the updated effects they had in Flashman. The original series got issues... but seeing it updated here is great.

    Can't wait for Gai though.

  2. While I'm not a Don/Luka shipper I have to say that "helping him get a date" doesn't necessarily rule it out. Do you remember Kamen Rider W? Akiko seemed to be happy at the idea of Terui getting together with Lily, then she told him to kiss another girl on the film set in the Gene Dopant episodes, yet they became the show's official couple and got married. I think Luka could easily have guessed that Don would blow it with the girls, too

    I love the way Gai screams at Joe and Ahim instantly covers her ears :3