Saturday, September 10, 2011

He's Still Awesome: My thoughts on Gokaiger Episode 28

Probably one of the better tribute episodes yet!

Gai Yuki is still awesome.

The ultimate power was great, with the giant flaming phoenix, and the attack.

I really wish Ako could have more stuff like that on Jetman.

I liked how Joe seemed to understand what was going on with Marvelous.

Oh, the Bounty Hunter, Boba Fett---I mean Kiaido was chilling. I really hope he could come back, and there could be six of him, one in blue, one in yellow, one in green, one in pink, one in silver you see where I'm going. They're all trying to get the Gokaiger's bounty. I mean, he stabs himself, to purposely give himself a weak spot, so Marvelous could be motivated to kill him, since Kiaido doesn't like killing weak people.

Oh, and when he catches the bullets, and drops the shells on the floor, and they bounce, and the sound echos, for some reason, that's really chilling.

I wonder why Gai Ikari couldn't see Gai Yuki. Maybe because he's an earthling, or maybe because Gai Yuki didn't want Gai Ikari to be drooling over him, and asking him to sign his shirt.

Oh, sorry fans, it's confirmed, Gai Yuki died. Although, it gradually got revealed. Gai Ikari said Gai Yuki mysteriously disappeared, and no one knows what happened to him, then Gai Ikari can't see him while the rest of the team can, then they reveal Gai Yuki's grave. And I'm okay with him being dead. For those of you who think he didn't die after he got stabbed because he didn't excessively bleed, you can bleed internally, and blood doesn't splatter out all the time... okay, I'm getting gross.

But even though he's dead, he still can kick ass, and become Black Condor without a Ranger Key. And he can fight out of suit too!

I'm really surprised Gai Yuki flirted with Luka over Ahim. Ahim's more feminine, and Gai Yuki did flirt with the dainty, rich Kaori, instead of the mouthy, slightly tomboyish Ako. Anyway, he does have one thing in common with Luka--they both LOVE to cheat. And I think Gai Yuki didn't like being touched by men, and Luka definitely doesn't like being touched by men (or used as a human shield). I think this was the first guy in the series that Luka was blatently attracted to (she thought Gai Ikari was "cute" but then he started shaking her...).

Nice callback to the series. Gai Ikari singing "Jetto, jetto, jettoman..." while searching, showing Gai Yuki's grave:

Looks like Ryu and Kaori left red and white roses, Raita left a basket of delicious organic vegetables, and Ako left a cup of ramen, and Gai Yuki's favorite treats: Booze and Cigarettes. (Or Ryu left the Booze and Cigarettes, and Kaori left the flowers...)

And finally, Gai Yuki leaves them, while sitting on a bench, like how he died. (Then Luka sits exactly where he was sitting, I don't know why I that seemed to stand out to me)

Apparantly, heaven is a bar, and god is a hot chick. This might have caused me to believe in heaven, but then Gai said that the booze in heaven sucks. If there is a heaven, then the booze would be good.

So, if the booze is bad in heaven, then Gai might not actually be in heaven--he might be IN HELL! Because the booze would be bad in hell! Okay, I'm thinking into it a little too much...

They did reveal that Ako is still an idol singer, Raita sells organic vegetables over the internet (I want some of those eggplants), and Ryu and Kaori are still married. And they all visit Gai's grave every day. And Gai doesn't want them to go back into battle, so that's why he warned the team not to contact them.

Toshihide Wakamatsu is still SMOKING HOT! I wonder if he's taken... If he isn't, I hope he can speak English or understand bad, broken Japanese. I wonder if he got work done... anyway, he still looks good. And he's really successful! I like how he was able to venture out into dramas after Jetman.

Okay, there were some things about the episode that were weak.

I bet everyone was happy during the promos to see the team turn into Bioman and Maskman--well, they were only them for, like, five seconds during the show.

No theme music, during the fight, but this kind of made sense, because the Jetman theme song didn't befit the tone of the battle.

The GokaiGuys did their own Jetman attacks while fighting Boba Fe--I mean Kiaido, but Luka and Ahim just flew by him. Both White Swan, and Yellow Owl both had some cool attacks, including one they'd do together, I would have liked to seen that.

Religious themes do make me uncomfortable, especially in children's shows (yet ironically Liveman is one of my favorite series, is chock full of them, although it sort of fits the redemption theme of the show). Although they did make god a woman, so props to that...

Episode 29 already aired, so I'm not going to show promo images--it was really funny though! And it was refreshing to see a female warrior do a dress-changing fight.


  1. The Jetman tribute is pure nostalgia fuel for me. Here's my full review:

  2. I know, I read it. It was a really good review!

  3. ThatChick, perhaps Gai Ikari can't see Gai Yuuki because Gai Ikari is dead? Maybe that truck did kill him and that he's just living on borrowed life? That's my thought.

  4. I hate to think that Gai Ikari isn't in this episode. It would have been awesome to let Gai meet Gai.

  5. Eh, I doubt seeing two people meet each other just cause names are the same would be THAT awesome. Sorry Sean. xD

  6. @ Fantasy Leader: I would like to think that Gai Ikari can't see Gai Yuki because he doesn't have an open ESP/third eye/whatever they like to call it.

  7. I just recently got into Jetman before the Gokaiger episode. I think that is one of the best if not the best of the 90's Sentai Teams. It was definitely more dramatic and intense. But Gai Yuki is definitely one of the all time bad asses of Super Sentai

  8. I'm not saying thee mugger didn't kill him, but I don't remember anyone specifically mentioning that in Gokaiger.