Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Gokaiger After School Special: My thoughts on Gokaiger Episode 24

Okay, it wasn't a great episode, it wasn't a bad episode either.

It wasn't as funny as the Carranger episode, though.

Okay, I like how Oiles Gil falls asleep through the MOW's presentation. "Oh, we should totally conquer Earth using propaganda!" Bad idea.

The episode was somewhat preachy. The takoyaki stand owner's mother hates thinks aliens are gross, but then Jealoushut saves her life, and she's all like "we're not so different you and I," and they get married, and at the end, she's preggers. Part of me wants to see that, part of me doesn't.

I liked the fight scenes, and the rollcall. It was refreshing to see the Megarangers. I liked how they turned into Hurricanger, but the Gormin had retreated.

It was nice to see Timeranger, too.

I also liked how Doc is now using Marvelous's bracelet to play darts, and he's actually able to lift his wrist using it.

This episode didn't need to be here. I mean, it was nice to see a happy ending for poor Jealoushut, but I don't think it truly impacted the team, unless you think about how the Gokaiger (sans Gai) are all aliens, too.

Next week! So psyched! Not only one Hurricanger, but all three! And it's a two-parter!!!

Now I really want some takoyaki, even though it's fried octopus balls...


  1. Jealousyt (Sp?) was important in this episode because it's drawing attention to the issue of Japanese racism/"xenophobia" towards foreigners, using aliens as a metaphor for that. Although since it's only two series since we had Richard Brown, I really don't think Sentai can take the moral high ground here

  2. I agree, hence the title I gave this post the Gokaiger After School Special.

  3. Very insightful and straightforward.

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