Friday, August 5, 2011

Girl Power to the Rescue! My thoughts on Gokaiger Episode 23

This was such a great episode!

Not only did we see Matsuri/ GoPink, but we also saw Rio, Mele, and Zuban, and to top it all off, Basco!

The lessons they learned to unlock the powers were saving lives, and the importance of family.

We see some more of Luka's past. Her life really sucked before joining the team. Her little sister died. And she couldn't get her to a hospital in time to save her life.

Also, that's why she's so over-protective of Ahim, and Ahim is all like "I'm not your surrogate sister, Luka!" and is finally starting to be a real pirate. I think Ahim has already watched over Luka, and the others, as Luka has watched over her. They are both each others' big sisters.

I love the Fiveman and Magiranger transformation. Family themed! And it was nice to see the Fiveman attacks remastered using new effects.

Also, great separate henshin sequence for the GogoV transformation (just like how the original ones did it) and I love the mecha ultimate power unlock.

I love the funny situations the GokaiGuys fall into. Marvelous and Gai were forced to give senior citizens piggy back rides. I mean, I would love to have Captain Marvelous or Gai give me a piggy-back ride.

But this looks more fun.

And Joe and Doc met a crossdresser or transwoman, who gave them makeovers. They both look good with the eyeshadow and mascara, but the lipgloss doesn't go with their complexion.

I loved how Ahim used MagiPink's transformation powers. If you notice, when Ahim impersonated Matsuri, she didn't have a pink bow on her, like Houka usually has. Maybe Ahim might be better than Houka. Although I think she kept her voice.

Natsuki must be pretty pissed that Basco stole her sword. I want to see her beat him up.

Come on, I had to put this picture. Shippers, enjoy! So, are Ryota and Mao really dating, because their chemistry could have affected this. But it's hard to discern who he is kissing in that picture (both Mao and Yui Koike have the same hair length now, since Mao's grown her hair), or if they are kissing at all. Whatevs.

Next week:

Jealoushut is back. And he's in the garbage... again. It's the redeemable MOW episode. This has been done before in Jetman and Gaoranger (and I'm pretty sure a lot more series).

And we see the team change into Megaranger and Timeranger, as well as Hurricanger (warming up for next week, all three of the Hurricangers, so psyched!).


  1. The GoGo-V tribute was good, I was partly disappointed that Matoi never made a short cameo in the episode... even if there are hints in his blog that he might appear.

    Jeloushitto is probably, one of my favorite MOTW, next to Trash Jigen in Jetman that's why I can't wait for that episode!

  2. Supposedly, there are eyewitness accounts that the picture is of Ryota and Mao ... and Mao is taller than Yui, too. I guess we'll never know