Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Don't You Forget About Me: My Thoughts on Gokaiger Episodes 39-41

I've been pretty busy this whole month with grad school applications and my final projects.

But here we go, my thoughts on the most recent episodes.

I love Megaranger, and I loved seeing Kenta again! It was a funny episode. And I loved how they used the Megaranger's powers. What's interesting is that most of the team hadn't even attended high school, and they each found something they liked about it. And I was happy to see Basco.

I really liked seeing how Domon matured so much. The timeranger episode was a fun episode to watch as well. I love how they used the powers, especially the matrix dodge. The best part was the end, when Domon saw the picture of Honami and his son, and it brought tears of joy to his eyes. I was happy they were able to get Honami's actress. Also, it looks like Domon's actor has barely even aged.

Man, Ahim can kick some ass if provoked. I liked seeing the change in her. The fight scenes in this episode were the best. I hope the rest of the team will be able to use the GokaiGalleonBuster as well as Ahim. A lot of the shippers went really nuts before the subs even came out. Sorry guys, nothing romantic happened. But we did learn why Ahim is important: she has a calming presence that they team needs. I also liked Ahim's reason for joining the team.

Once again, I'm sorry about the quality of these reviews. If any of you have applied to grad school, you know how tough the process is.

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