Saturday, November 19, 2011

BIG SPOILER ALERT: My thoughts on Gokaiger episode 37-38

Okay, remember when everyone was complaining that "Walz Gil is spoiled." "Walz Gil is lame." "Walz Gil is annoying."

I was waiting for this to happen. No, not for him to die. For him to prove he wasn't the boss's son who was messing up the place.

And not only did he prove that he could pilot a mecha like a pro, but he proved he had a good heart.

First off, he was well aware of how everyone thought of him, he wasn't oblivious. This also showed that he actually lacks some confidence. He was so happy when Barizorg was the only one who believed in him (however, Barizorg is programmed to believe in him, but forget that). And I think he actually respected Barizorg. You never saw him (correct me if I'm wrong) freak out at Barizorg like he did at Damaras. So he was pretty miffed when he found out Barizorg was dead. So the reason he attempted, with all his might, to defeat the Gokaigers once and for all was because he lost someone dear to him. I'm kind of sad he's dead so soon.

And I'm kind of sad Barizorg is dead so soon. And I don't think he'll (or Sid) be coming back. Because they already did the thing where they hand him the flowers on set. I liked the final scene between Sid and Joe. And I liked the final battle as well. It was awesome, and heartwrenching at the same time.

The Gokaiger's ultimate power mecha is AWESOME!

Oh, and finally, I loved seeing the team fighting as extra heroes. Luka saying "Zuu Zuu" was infectious. Even Gai was doing it. I'm glad that the actors are having fun.


  1. For me, it wasn't the fact that Walz Giles was a spoiled brat, but that we had to wait a full 37 episodes before he could prove himself as a villain. That said, 37 and 38 have somehow managed to change my perspective on the Zangyack. They were the two best episodes of Gokaiger so far, that not only gave some depth to Walz Giles, but a couple other villains as well (Barizorg and Damaras). It also gave some good development to Joe, Gai, and Marvelous. The Zangyack still aren't great villains, but with this two parter, and depending on how things turn out with Basco and Papa Gils, it gives me hope that they'll end up respectable.

  2. This is a great two-parter as it concludes not only some personal issues, but also giving more depth to Warz Gill, I'm never going to call him Toilet Gils again. At least he's not truly always the pampered lil' brat unfitting to lead an army, just too bad his display of competence was just last-seconds. But aside of that, great ep. I think Mr. Smith said it best.

    But probably now that Joe got his issue settled, he might be on the sidelines...