Saturday, December 24, 2011

Don The Dragon Slayer? My thoughts on Gokaiger Episode 42-43

Spoiler alerts ahead, so read with caution.

So for weeks, rumors about Don have been circulating. We knew that in this episode, the Gokaigers would discover that Don was an amnesiac Dragon Slayer, Damaras and Basco would team-up, Marvelous would be executed, and Joe, Luka, Ahim, and Gai would be defeated. And Don would pull out all the stops to save them.

This episode had two big twists. One was that Basco turned on Damaras, revealing that he didn't kill Joe, Luka, Ahim, and Gai. Basco's unlikely assistance was what lead to Damaras's downfall.

The other twist was that Don being a dragon slayer was made up. I could tell Don crafted it himself, right after Don said that maybe if he ate gourmet food, it would jog his memory. You're pretty sly, Don.

I liked seeing how Don joined the team. Essentially they needed him because without him they are messy, can't eat healthy meals, and the ship would probably break, just like they had needed Ahim because she had a calming presence.

The all-green Gokaichange was really cool, and I liked seeing the team as Fiveman.

The mecha fight against Damaras was legendary.

I think Don finally has the confidence, that he's been gradually building throughout the whole series. also, he should wear that green version of Marvelous's jacket more often.

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