Friday, November 4, 2011

I'm baaaaaack

The last few weeks I've been swamped. But now, I'm back, and it's time for me to review the Gokaiger episodes that I've missed.

Episode 33

This episode followed a standard format used in pretty much every series: a member of the team loses the ability to transform. And the character that undergoes this is Gai, which is a great choice, because Gai always wanted to transform into a sentai hero! And of course, Gai learns that he can still be a hero without transforming, and who else but Ryou to teach him this lesson. My favorite part of this episode was the out-of-suit fight sequence that Ryou did. Keichi Wada's still got it! I would have liked to see the Gokaigers use the Dairangers individual powers when transformed, though. They had some pretty cool attacks. The worst part of the episode: it made me crave gyoza. Trader Joe's has the best gyoza... (starts to drool)

Episode 34

Yay! Luka episode. Luka hasn't had a solo focus episode in quite a while. Okay, I kind of knew what Luka's dream would be: to help the orphans. So apparently, all the street urchins she hung out with were orphaned by the Zangyack, so she does have a personal grudge. I thought Luka would use the money to by an orphanage or something, but no, she wants to buy something even cooler: THE UNIVERSE! How epic is that? I want to see Luka's friend Cain return towards the end. I kind of liked the chemistry between the two, and to me, they seem like a viable ship. This episode also showcased Mao Ichimichi's acting. She showed so much strength when she explained her dream, and when they showed more of her past. And this is the second time she had to play someone who wasn't herself, and she did a great job! Okay, the only downside of this episode was when they showed Luka meeting Marvelous and Joe for the first time. Remember when Marvelous and Joe met and they had an epic scene when they battled the Zangyack together, and Marvelous pulls off Joe's tracking collar using pure strength, and when they were lying on the ground together, and Marvelous hands Joe the ranger key? That was an amazing scene. The scene with Luka was a little too fast.

Marvelous: What's a pretty girl like you doing, stealing from the Zangyack? (Marvelous actually said this)

Luka: Never you mind!

Marvelous: Wow, you managed to break in just like us. Wanna join the team?

Luka: Hmm....

Joe: We're finding the greatest treasure in the universe.

Luka: Yeah, sure, whatever!

I would have liked to see the scene get the same justice as Joe's, and probably the same coverage as Doc and Ahim's scene are going to get (Ahim has a planet blowing up, I mean, come on!)

Episode 35-36

Did the gunman world the team travel to remind you of Zubat? Anyway, I liked seeing Sousuke (his actor, despite Go-onger being one of the weaker series, is still good). I liked seeing the engines, they were so cute. And for me, Gai having a fangasm over seeing a sentai hero, will never get old. I liked seeing Battle Fever J, and the team using their attack styles (each Battle Fever J team member represents a different country or world region, and so they each have elements of the culture, one of these being the dance style they use in the attack). Joe doing a tango was epic! I also liked when the team tried to get Machlcon by using their individual mecha. A lot of times, series will usually forgo showing the individual mecha by the second episode.  Oh, and anime fans, the guy who does the voice of Machlcon does the voice of Sanji on One Piece bringing Gokaiger full circle. All and all, it was an okay episode. Not my favorite tribute though.

And next week (I mean next week, I don't think Gokaiger's airing this week) a lot of really important stuff is gonna happen. A lot of stuff. Including the team (sans Joe, who's got his own plot to deal with) transforms into extra heroes finally using the ranger keys they obtained from Basco. And it will be one of the episodes that will just leave you stunned, breathless, just amazed. I love those episodes, don't you?

Sorry if this post isn't that great (by great, I mean there aren't a lot of original pictures due to the fact that taking all these screencaps are starting to clog my hard drive)

Thanks to henshingrid and henshination for these beautiful pictures!


  1. Aaaand welcome back... wait did you say no Gokaiger this week!? NOOOOOOOOO~~!!!

  2. Hey! WB! Missed ya. ^__^

    And awesome post!

  3. I gotta agree with in that Luka could have had an intense meeting with her crew as Joe did, just cant wait till next episode.