Friday, July 8, 2011

O, beware, Doc, of jealousy; It is the green-eyed monster which doth mock: Gokaiger Episode 19

If you can guess what play the title is from, I'll announce who won on my next post.

It's the standard "I hate the new guy" episode (or "I hate the new gai"). Doc is jealous of Gai--the crew agrees with him, they like his cooking better, and he's a better fighter. Not that Doc hates him, he feels bad about himself whenever he is around him.

And it turns out that Gai admires Doc.

I think they meant that the MOW was tearing out humans' backbones, I'm not sure if this saying is the same in Japanese as it is in English.

Also another standard plot, the rest of the team is incapacitated. It was funny to see all of them saying "nyah, nyah," especially Joe.

I liked the development we saw from Doc, and I'm happy he actually got some much-needed self-confidence.

Great Henshin Sequence!

I liked seeing him as Green 2 and Green Flash. I especially liked how he used Green 2's break-dance attack (you have to watch really closely to see it)

The whole team rocked as the Go-ongers, then Gai as both the Go-on Wings, it reminds me of Double.

Gai's Gold mode is amazing as well. I think he's almost trance-like in that mode, as if all of the spirits of the 6th warriors were within him. And the final attack, beautiful, or as Luka would say:

It's nice to see a power-up episode that doesn't solely revolve around the person getting the power-up. Doc actually helped Gai get it by encouraging him.

And we're back to square one.

Oh, and how can I forget the new opening sequence for the theme song with Gai added!

And we found out how the Gokaigers get their Ranger Keys during battle.

Next week, Gingaman! They unlock all the Gingaman's ultimate power. And Basco comes back with Bulblack, MagiMother, WolzardFire and DekaMaster. And we get the two brothers, Ryouma and Hyuuga. They both look HOT! Although I would really like to see Gouki too. He's one of the hottest blue sentai, tie-ing with Joe, and Megumi.

Looks like the Hyuuga has a grudge against pirates, considering the last time they saw one, well they battled them... I'm pretty sure he has a grudge against cliffs and crevices too. I wonder what they are going to do for Kakuranger then...

Will Hyuuga use GokaiCellular?

Like I said, if you know what play the title of the post is from, please write it in my comments. And feel free to comment even if you don't know which play it is from. I like it when I get comments lol.

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