Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Marvelous and Luka's Excellent Adventure: My Thoughts on Gokaiger Episode 21

I know UkiyaSeed previously used this title for an episode review of episode 10, but this was too good to pass up!

I loved seeing Satoru as much as Gai did. I liked how he was involved in the story.

And I loved seeing Joe, Doc, Ahim, and Gai as the Kakurangers and Shurikengers. I love the accidental transformation "Not those ninjas." And I loved seeing the visual effects that thy used in Kakuranger.

It was nice to see treasure hunters meet up. And I liked the part when Satoru saved Marvelous's ass, then Luka saves Satoru's ass. I know one fan started doing a crack pairing of Satoru and Luka after this episode, seeing they have a lot in common.

And the fight as the Boukengers was AMAZING. And then they used the Boukenger's ultimate power which produced a phantom DaiBouken. Oh, and Marvelous pulling the heart out of Ryuuwon was the icing on the top of the awesome cake.

I liked the lesson they learned. It's not the treasure, it's the adrenaline, that excitement you get during an adventure that's the real treasure.

And I like the end, when Marvelous tickles Navi.

I liked seeing Marvelous's flashbacks with Akared.

And speaking of Akared, it seems that Satoru wanted to get the Heart of Hades not because it was a precious, but maybe because it could revive Akared. Interesting.... I hope we see more of this.

Okay, here's my one objection. We find out in this episode that Marvelous is upset after finding out Basco can suck warrior's abilities with his trumpet, after the last episode. It would have been nice to see some development in the previous episode, showing that Marvelous was affected, instead of just explaining that at the beginning of this episode. Show don't tell.

I was happy to see Marvelous and Luka together. I like how she seems to be the one to get under his skin, and understands him a bit more. However, it's pretty ambiguous and may or may not be viewed as a ship tease. But a girl can dream, can't she?

Also, I noticed that this was in a shot. Is this important? It looks amazing, though.

Next episode is a focus on Joe and Gai. And it has a plot with a little boy and something and... it's making me think of how Joe left the Zangyack after refusing to kill children. And we finally see the whole team together as the Goseigers (although we've seen them separately as them) The Dairanger (ditto). So we see them as Tensou Sentai Goseiger and as the Gosei Sentai Dairanger. Interesting. Oh, and we see them as Ohranger as well (we've seen only Doc as OhGreen). And we see Joe as AbareBlue and Gai as Dragon Ranger. Cool episode. Looking forward to the fight scenes.


  1. Really nice review. But I think that Akashi was just making a little nod to Aka Red about the new Sentai being as good-hearted as the others.

    Oh, and the title of the next episode has something to do with shooting stars, that's why we have the Goseiger (they came from the sky!), the Dairanger (the five-star squad) and the Ohranger (the symbol in Oh Red's helmet is a star aswell).

  2. LOL. I remember that review! The title was, "Joe and Luka's Marvelous Adventure!" XDD

  3. Well.... the MavelLuka is true.... except in real life and not on Gokaiger.

  4. Yep, I'm so happy for them, if it's true!