Monday, June 27, 2011

The New Gai-Gokaiger Episode 18

No doubt, I think Gojyujin is an awesome mecha. It's a Drill, then it's a dinosaur, and then it's a humanoid mecha thingy. And it's from the year 3000! A nice tribute to Timeranger, Zyuranger, and Abaranger.

This was a nice episode. We learned about Gai's past. He's so altruistic...

And we see our favorite departed sixth rangers: DragonRanger, TimeFire, and AbareKiller. Mikoto still looks hot. And I liked how he still managed to seep in a bit of his character, "discussing excitement," along with being the guy who gives Gai his Gokai Cellular and Ranger Keys. And he compares Gai to "Another man he knew who would risk his life to save others."

Marvelous tests him, I think, but I also think he doesn't want Gai to fight against the Zangyack, because when you're against them, you're against the whole universe. I think Marvelous actually cares about people. And he finds Gai pretty amusing.

Joe's pretty aloof with him, but then again, that's how he usually is with most people who aren't on his crew.

Luka thinks he's cute, and got upset when he hugged Ahim. But then again, Luka seemed pretty excited with the fact that he unlocked three ultimate powers than the fact he was cute. Does she like him as a man, or as a tool to help her get the greatest treasure in the universe?

Don doesn't like him. Forgetting about him during that fantasy sequence, pwning him at being smart (realizing that the MOW in the last episode had his weak point highlighted purposely), and the straw that broke the camel's back: Calling him Don-san. And next week it's going to blow over.

Ahim is the nicest to him, and very caring.

An amazing fight. Especial the out-of-suit stuff. I love the whole kanji gag when he accidentally turns into Kingranger. "The other one with kanji on his face." And them all as silver was shiny and amazing.

I love Gai, and unlike the rest of the team, he wants to take on the Zangyack.

Next week, Gai gets his Gold Mode! Oh, and Don reaches his breaking point. It also looks like the MOW might make the rest of the team sleepy or something.

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