Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I Did Not See That Coming: My Thoughts on The First Basco Arc

While watching this on keyhole TV, there were two words that left my mouth. "OH--- SHI---" Not a bad "OH-- SHI---" These two episodes were amazing. I'm talking about the surprises in each episode. In episode 15 I thought that the Gokaigers were going to fight only those shown in the promo. After they defeated them, I was surprised to see ten other sixth rangers behind them. The battle in episode 16 was amazing. And then I was surprised to see Basco have even more ranger keys with him.

We met a new villain, Basco. I think his actor, Kei Hosogai is American. He has this very carefree, funloving attitude despite the fact he betrayed Marvelous and AkaRed, and is now holding Marvelous's crew hostage. A lot of people think he's effeminate but I don't see it. He's a pirate, he can dress how he wants. And Sari, or Sally, I don't know which one's his name, is a pretty funny sidekick.

We got to see Marvelous's past and the first time he met Akared.

There were a lot of funny moments too. Like their attempts to escape, and Don making monkey noises. And this last picture. And there were banana peels abound. That never gets old.

And the finisher was great.

I like how Basco and Marvelous both have different worldviews. Basco believes you have to sacrifice something in order to get something, and twists it into something evil. Marvelous believes that you should get what you want when you want it. Both can be taken to the extremes.

And we get a new type of monster... that comes out of Sari's chest...

Next week, GokaiSilver finally appears. He seems very enthusiastic, and he's excited because he love sentai, and he gets to be one. And the episode after that, we get to see Dr. Mikoto McDreamy. Let me guess, Marvelous doesn't want to have him on the team and Ahim coaxes him.

This was one of my favorite parts. Looking forward to episode 17 and the shiny silver sentai fanatic.

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