Friday, June 24, 2011

Better Late Than Never: My Thoughts on Gokai-Silver's Debut

I know, everyone is all like: "It's a Genta clone," but other than the fact he is hyper, I see no reason to compare Genta to Gai.

Gai is us. He is the all who have viewed sentai and have enjoyed it. He is a fan. He is the audience. He is all of us.

He's the ascended fanboy, and he is genre savvy, they need him.

The Gokai Spear is so cool. And he kicks butt!

I like his shoes...

And he's kind of cute.

Oh and he has a really cute giggle. I like him. And yeah, he could use some Ritalin...

Looks like Luka might have a thing for him.

Come on, Gokaigers, you aren't that stupid! The guy in silver shouldn't be an obese man in a silver jogging suit eating hot dogs.

The Gokaigers as sixth rangers were amazing. I thought Ahim as a female Aberrekiller looked the coolest.

I loved the scene where he imagined himself with the team. I don't know what was funnier, Marvelous saying happily that he's reckless, Joe saying that he likes baseball cheerfully, or Luka waving to the audience and asking them if they all said hi to their friends--all of this was hilariously out of character. What Ahim said could have been funnier though, like, "Tee-hee, I'm just a girl." or "I hope I didn't break a nail fighting." like totally purposely sexist. That would have been hilarious.

So, apparantly they unlocked, 11 powers in the movie. I'm kind of upset, because I wanted to see some of the warriors from those series in episodes.

Luka and Doc better not be hooking up. Blech! We get it, she punches him. Although he was pissed when Luka said that she thought Gai was cute. Either way, Doc probably has a thing for her, but it doesn't look like she reciprocates the feelings.

Next week we have ALL SILVER! And we find out about Gai's backstory, including everyone's favorite dead possibly anti-social doctor/abaranger Mikoto!

And I'm looking forward to seeing our friends in the Ginga Forest in two weeks! Teruaki Ogawa still looks hot as Hyuuga.

All and all, great episode, but I'm pissed because they unlocked a huge chunk of their powers in the movie, and I hope the series doesn't end like Kamen Rider Decade.

Quit taunting me Ahim! Some of us have to wait to see it!

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  1. Gai could pretty much be compared to any hyper character that talks a lot. I think people only pick Genta, due to how they only compare Gai to Sixth Rangers. xD

    Never payed attention to his shoes. Yeah, they're nice. lol.

    I loved how you said he's kinda cute. The pic you chose for it went really well. xD

    Well, I wouldn't immediately say there's anything wrong with a Luka and Doc pairing. Mainly cause we haven't seen anything of it yet. Same with the potential Luka and Gai pairing (we know very little of Gai in general). Though honestly, these pairings are already more existent than that Luka and Marvelous shipping. LOL. xP

    YES! Mikoto! and Gingaman! My favorite season! =D

    Apparently the director to the movie is really good friends with all the actors that returned. So that's why those particular characters came back. However, it seems like it was also an accident on their part, and ended up robbing them of their chances to be on an episode. Ah well. At least it doesn't hurt the story in any way. Would've loved to see a Turboranger, Dairanger, and Boukenger ep. But maybe we'll still get tribute eps, similar to what ep 10 did with JAKQ. =) Well, as long as Gokaiger stays awesome, I'll be happy. ^__^

    ThatChick, Gokaiger has already put Decade to shame. So there's nothing to worry about. Just enjoy. ;) The story was actually well planned out, unlike Decade. The movie should not make you think the story will fall apart. In fact, it should make you think less like that. Because of the movie, they already have 17 of the 34 powers. That's half way now! And on ep 18, they'll have 20 by then. And by ep 20, they'll have 21. That just leaves 13 powers left. And there's plenty of time to get them all. According to my calculations, they'll get the last treasure in ep 46, which leaves just enough time for a kickass finale. ;D