Saturday, February 12, 2011

Gokaiger First Episode

Keyhole TV was acting berserk. I love the war in the beginning. I like the henshin sequence, and what's nice about it is that they won't be wearing the same civillian clothes throughout. The fight scene was epic. I liked Gokaigreen's jumps and trapeze act. Yellow and Pink's team-up was nice too. As well, the "costume changes" were fun. They go from Goranger (and do the football attack just like in the show) to Shinkenger, to Magiranger! There were funny parts too, like when they first land on Earth, and had to announce to the citizens of Japan who they were. Gokaipink tried to use the sweet princess technique. She reminds me of Amy Adams's Character in "Enchanted." I want to see her talk to woodland creatures. And of course--curried rice! Too bad they don't get to eat it. As well, GokaiYellow is something we have never seen in Sentai before--a klepto, a cool one at that. And she had to trade in one of her rings for money. She so far is my favorite, along with red and blue. What's interesting is that the episode actually starts with a mecha battle--interesting. I like the cockpit. The ending sequence was so cool too! So far, a great series. I think I might either order Gokaired's costume for April Fools' day and walk around campus casually, or Gokai Yellow's civillian clothes. Coolest civillian clothes ever. All in all, EPIC first episode. Hope they keep it up.

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