Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Favorite Sentai Warriors

You can tell a lot about a blogger based off of her favorite sentai rangers.

So here we go.

In chronological order:

Soukichi Banba/Big One

I’m one of those few fans who like him on JAKQ, and not just in Gao Vs. Super Sentai. Even though he usurped the throne, and became the deus ex machinas, he still was pretty cool. Probably the best episode, is when he pulls out a bunch of disguises along with iron claw. And I admire the fact he still allowed Gorou to be the field leader of the team, whereas he was more like their commander (like Kruger).

Battle Cossack I/II

Yay, first yellow (okay orange) second-in-command. Battle Cossack one was so sweet, and a great mix of intellect and strength. I like his backstory. Also, some of my ancestors were Russian, so yeah, I’m biased. Second Battle Cossack was cool, too. Too cool. And probably the only sane person on the team.

Sara/Yellow Flash

I love her. I love her backstory, I love the fact she’s the smart one, and the perfect synthesis of tomboy and girly. So far, yellow and pink were sharp contrasts, but she and Pink Flash broke down the barrier (I’ll explain later). She was an important part of the team, and helped them with the finishers. As well, great fashion sense, and I liked the fact at the end, she had to make the ultimate sacrifice of being with her family or going back to the flash star.

Remi/Five Yellow

Music Teacher, Kung Fu chick, had a lot of great action scenes, and I loved her rivalry with Zaza, her live action fights, and the drunken fist episode. Don’t try this at home, kids.

Gai/Black Condor

Total baddass, drinks, gambles, cheats, oh and he fights crime. The show really focused on his journey. He was too cool to live, and at least came to peace with Kaori (who was kind of a bad match for him) and Ryuu getting married. Really wished he and Ako ended up together, great pair, as they were the most realistic Jetmen, answering what would two normal civillians do if they got super powers.

Jiraiya/Ninja Black

Kane Kosugi rocks my world. Based after a legendary ninja, had some really cool attacks, and unlike the other characters, a great arc, and some great civilian fight scenes.

Kenta, Shun, and Chisato

I love Megaranger. Kenta personifies the ultimate slacker, and I love slackers. Shun was hot and cool, and I loved his power. Chisato could sing, and keep the rest of the Megarangers in check, and had some cool attacks too. Plus she was really pretty, and had some great episodes.


The serious member, and the ultimate lancer, next to Gai, was a deep character, who eventually warmed up and became more open. Made a great team with Kakeru, and was an important sub-leader. His dedication was amazing, and his duel with Red Falcoln was epic! I loved his rivalry Yabaiba. Most yellows don’t have a rivalry with the main villain. Great attack, plus he got a sword and wings. Plus the actor went on to make movies, something I enjoy doing.

Pretty much all of the dekarangers

Great team. I loved the recklessness of Ban-Chan, the seriousness of Houji, the eccentricities of Senichi, Jasmine’s personality and backstory, Umeko’s personality, and Tetsu’s arc. All and all, one of the better teams.

Jan/Geki Red

Aw, such a sweet little wild boy. I wanna give him a big hug. I love “Jannish” and he brought fierce passion to the team. I love how he matured during the series.

Ran/Geki Yellow

The third girl leader, and the only one fit to lead the team. Jan was more of the heart that drove the team, and the protagonist, but Ran still kind of lead the team, as she was the most serious. The delinquent schoolgirl episode is one of my favorites.


Very deep character, acted beautifully, although I would have liked to see more depth. Had a heavy weight on his shoulders. His duels were epic, and his transformation and journey was possibly one of the better character arcs.


I love Kotoha. She had a strong arc as well, and really changed throughout the series, as a warrior with no confidence and undying humility towards her lord, to a confident young woman. As well, a lot of people argue that Kotoha is the weakest warrior. She is on par with Ryunosuke and Mako. She dedicated the rest of her life to training for this moment. In fact, she felt the most comfortable and at ease being a Samurai. Finally, her humility and modesty in front of Takeru blossomed AStowards admiration, to something more. She took it the hardest that Takeru wasn’t thggge lord, and was more concerned with the fact that he wasn’t a liar, and all of her happy memories with him were true. As well, Kotoha’s flute playing was beautiful, and I love her Kyoto-ben.

Well, that’s it for now.


  1. Thanks for commenting on my blog.

    I agree Gai and Ako should be together. You know I have a friend who's as a bad boy as Gai who's dating a girl as nutty as Ako. I made a fan-fiction where they ended together in
    Super Sentai vs. Power Rangers.

    Dekaranger, well I like them better than Power Rangers SPD. SPD wasn't that great especially that Jack was just too lax at the beginning in contrast to Hoji or that Sky was overly serious in the beginning (but he did loosen up anyway). My real complain had to be Syd being annoying IMO.

    By the way, I can't help but think that Red Mask and Shinken Red are both named Takeru.

  2. Nice list. Although I'm not much of a fan of Jan, I love almost everyone else you listed on here. From Gekiranger, my favorites are the villains and Gou.