Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Possible Super Sentai Themes that Would be Awesome

So it's October, and the moment of truth is upon us, what will the theme and motif be for the 39th Super Sentai series. There's one rumor that it might be bird themed, ala Jetman, but then again, this is when all sorts of rumors pop up. Who knows what it will be. But while we are waiting for the verdict, here's what I'd love to see that hasn't been done yet.

In Space. A whole series that takes place in space. Now, all sentai series take place on Earth, as Sentai teams usually protect the earth, but what about the whole universe?

Space is awesome! No gravity, stars forming, black holes, eerie silence, beautiful galaxies, constellations. Now, the robot battles don't have to be in space, they could take place in a different planet, or on a moon. But imagine all of the zero-gravity shots they could do! Imagine the mecha, each could be a different type of rocket or spacecraft! Would our heroes be aliens? Astronauts?

Many series have touched on the space theme--our five Flashman were earthlings raised on different planets, the HQ in Megaranger was a Space Station, the Gokaigers were all aliens, but no series has fully taken place in space yet. What can I say? I'm a sucker for Sci-Fi, particularly Battlestar Galactica (the re-imagined one, not the original).

Knights. We've got Shinkengers--they're Samurais, they're kind of like knights, and Kamen Rider Gaim had some really cool knight motifs. Imagine what the suits would look like first off! That would be so cool. And there could be horses, like maybe they could ride horses like Gingaman, only these horses can turn into the mecha. What would they be protecting, a royale, a castle, a kingdom. And what would happen if there is a woman on the team--what would she have to deal with--as knights are traditionally viewed as those protecting women. Also, it would be cool to see some Arthurian folklore tied into it. Oh, and dragons. Dragons are awesome.

Time Travel. Timeranger was mainly four characters displaced from the future, saving the present with a person from the present and affecting the future. In the vs movie with GoGo V, I believe they really used the time travel thing to its advantage. But what about a series that involves a group of warriors traveling through time to save different parts of history from being changed by the villains. I'm not saying each episode has to be a different time though. Different chunks or chapters consisting of a few episodes can take place in a different era. Also, what if each member was from a different era? That would be cool, seeing them interact with people who are totally different from them culture-wise, and viewpoint-wise. And I know Toei has that Edo set that they loooove using! Plus, how many of you want to see a Delorean Mecha!

Greek Mythology. I'm a sucker for Greek Mythology, and although some series have used Greek Mythology (Magiranger had a few monsters based off of Greek Mythology, Kamen Rider Fourze had the Zodiacs as villains), it would be cool to see a whole team based off of Greek Mythology, like each of them could have the power of the gods (plus in Greek Mythology, most of the gods had a signature weapon), like the Red Ranger could be Athena (because she was a war goddess, and the wisest, a strategist, and a good leader), the Yellow Ranger could be both the twins Artemis and Apollo, and her personality and fighting style can change based off of how full the moon is, and the sixth ranger could be Hades (who is the god of hell but not necessarily a bad guy, he was assigned hell based off of drawing straws), who could have been manipulated by the villains, but converts to the team's side because he realizes that there's a dark side to everyone's abilities. And the mecha could be based off of mythological creatures, like the Pegasus, and the Sphinx, and the Centaur.

What types of themes do you want to see? What do you think the next series will be? Feel free to comment!


  1. The Knight theme is the main motif I've been waiting for. Looking Magiranger, Wolzard could be a template to how the ranger suit could look, but less bulky and more streamlined. Also the Greek mythology theme, the way you put it, is genius, and I'm especially intrigued with the idea of one of the rangers being a combination of Artemis and Apollo. The concept of a rangers fighting style changing based on his personality is really cool.

    1. Greek mythology, I think the Super Ranger forms would resemble something out of Gaim, mainly the Kachidoki Arms in terms of bulkiness.

  2. I would love if they made a Monster/Vampire Slayers theme Sentai