Monday, January 7, 2013

A Gokaiger Fan Fic Challenge

Remember when you were watching Gokaiger, and you thought "Dang, I wish they did a tribute episode to (insert series here)."

Well, here's your chance to make that happen. Here is a list of the series they didn't cover, and whose heroes appeared as floating heads saying "here, take my power," or the ones who appeared after it (like Satoru from Boukenger, and still did a tribute episode)

Sun Vulcan
Goggle V

Basically, my challenge is is to write the tribute episode that never was. I know some of my readers are fanfic writers, and we all have different styles. So it's basically this: chose a series (or two) and write through story format (you don't have to write a teleplay) a standard tribute episode for Gokaiger. This is our chance to be creative.

Here are some ground rules

1. The author must have written fanfics or stories in the past.

2. The author must have both familiarity with Gokaiger and the series they have chosen. No OOC-ness, and no BSing your way through it.

3. Remember the formula of each tribute episode, and use it as a cornerstone to help you write the fic.

4. If there's going to be pairing, canon-pairings only.

5. Fics must be in English, or translated to English. No gratuitous Japanese unless it's necessary.

6. First come, first serve. Comment on which series you want to do.

7. There's no deadline, it's a fun little challenge. And publish it on your blog,, or your livejournal or whatever.

8. Remember to write with your own style.

9. Feel free to spread the word.

And before we start--DIBS ON JAKQ AND FIVEMAN!


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  2. This may be enough to call me back into the Sentai writing after too long going with BlazBlue. I just fear that it's going to be overly long...

    But anyway, I take dibs on Goggle V. Of course.

    Still not sure on who to take on the second one. Maybe I'll take... Zyuranger.

    Might include just Pinks because they're my respective favorites... So yeah.

  3. Hey can the past sentai be a ghost or does it necessarily have to be the one that gave the gokaigers the greater power in canon?

    1. Depends. Which series do you want to do?

    2. If i can figure out how to do it right (have a bunch of other fics i'm working on) leaning towards bioman.

  4. Will be going with Zyuranger and Maskman.

  5. I had a terrible idea for a JAKQ one based on the episode where Big One dresses as Hitler to save the others from being crucified, because Zangyack tries to crucify Marvelous during Don's backstory eps. XD but you claimed that one. I guess if I had a blog I'd pick Goranger? I still love that show and especially Aka Ranger returning at the end of Gokaiger.

  6. I just stumbled across this now, but I have had an idea for a Turboranger tribute episode as well as a Fiveman tribute episode.